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Teresa Wicksteed

Teresa Wicksteed

Emily Hillier

Emily Hillier

Elena Henshaw

Elena Henshaw




11th January 2015 - 18th February 2015

All the way from Cornwall - Teresa creates a timeless zone where you may lose yourself for a while.

Teresa graduated in Fine Art from the University of Falmouth, and her studio perches above the waves in South East Cornwall. A special quality of light reflects off the sea there, nourishing her glowing paintings.

She expresses the energetic flow of unseen energies through abstract work, using vibrant layers of translucent oils on canvas.

Each painting is a record of her instinctive response to the materials: once making has begun, the work takes on its own life.

Her paintings are fuelled by her daily meditation practice in which she re-connects with a Light and Energy she first felt during a Near-Death Experience.




21st January 2015 - 2nd March 2015

Emily's paintings aim to explore the artificiality of a painted representation. By working within the traditional categories of portraits, landscapes and still-lifes, the artist's paintings explore the sensuality of paint and challenge habitual responses towards figurative painting. Emily's paintings are not a reproduction of reality but of my perception, by using the medium of paint she is able to manipulate the image to eliminate the sentimental and a distinct narrative. As a collection they seek to reinforce an overall meaning, like clues they are to be read and interpreted. 

Emily searches for malleable forms to represent, the beginning of a process of metamorphoses. Working with images already distanced from reality; caught floating on a website or in a friends album, they have become less sentimental. The image then transposed onto the painted surface is an act of literally pushing coloured mud over a canvas in my depictions of mud. The banality of her subject matter leaves space for mystery to be discovered within the materiality of the painted image.

'A painting is then seen as a poignant object rather than a picture of the world'.


ELENA HENSHAW - Dreamscape

28th January 2015 – 23rd February 2015

Elena is a figurative artist based in Oxford. She mainly works in oil and pastel to create a multi-layered effect. Her subjects range from portraiture to landscape and from figurative subjects to still life.

'The great fun about painting ordinary things is to re-view an object that one might have seen a dozen of times, and to realise that it holds the seed of work of art'. 


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