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Jenny Eadon

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Sophie Walker

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Joe Shaw




Jenny Eadon : Journey

12th July 2016 - 29th August 2016

Private View: 13th July 2016 / 6pm - 8pm

Jenny Eadon now works mainly as an abstract painter after many years as a sculptor.

She travels a lot and many of her paintings show the impressions and memories associated with specific places visited. In her paintings she orders the jumbled mosaic of recollections by putting down the defining connotations of a place and expressing the particular colours, shapes, mood and sensations experienced there.  Work also comes from an inner landscape of visual images invoked by reading poetry - the essence of the words, filtered through the artist, seek to find an equivalent on the canvas within the components of form, colour and space.

When painting, Jenny feels she is going on a journey of exploration by trying out what will work and what will happen with different conjunctions.  Through a layering of colour and line, each painting builds a strata of connections, crossings and re-crossings - subsequent layers influenced or changed by traces underneath.

Jenny Eadon took a Fine Art Foundation at Berkshire College of Art in Maidenhead, had a year at Amersham College of Art, and then a four year BA Hons. in Fine Art at Reading University.  Subsequently she took a Postgraduate Diploma, Artists in Schools, at Anglia University in Cambridge.  In 2006 Jenny lived in San Francisco for six months where she did one semester of an MA in Advanced Abstract painting at the Academy of Art, since then she has concentrated on abstract painting.

Jenny’s influences have been and still are Matisse, Degas, David Smith, Eva Hesse, John Walker, Richar Diebenkorn and the other San Francisco Bay Area abstract expressionists, Howard Hodgkin and Roger Hilton, and many artist friends and colleagues.




Sophie Walker : Uncertain Origin

10th August 2016 - 5th September 2016

Sophie's wooden sculptures are hand-carved, original designs that try to be elegantly simplistic while still remaining approachable and inviting.

Ancient objects whose precise functions have been lost in time inspire Sophie. This influences the design of her pieces as she tried to instill them with the same enigmatic qualities found in her source material.

Sophie is fascinated with different cultures and their exoticism is expressed in her work through curious forms and implied function; something familiar and yet unfathomable all at the same time.

These influences combine to create work with a vague sense of unreality that still retain a comforting familiarity, which provoke an urge to curl up inside one and take shelter form the world.




Joe Shaw : Ink Works

11th August 2016 - 23rd August 2016

"Studying contemporary drawing has meant that my practice focuses on the relationship between line, colour and mark-making in a conventional space. It is the exploration of these relationships, and what is created in the process, which informs my work. This set of lino prints and ink drawings were developed using various drawing techniques which are often then translated through the printing process to try and give the work a sense of controlled freedom".

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