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Peter David Grant: Unseen Oxford

Peter David Grant: Unseen Oxford

Andrew Manson: All Year Round

Andrew Manson: All Year Round

Alice Bowsher: America

Alice Bowsher: America



Peter David Grant 
Unseen Oxford 
Restaurant Gallery 
11th April - 8th May 2017 


Peter David Grant's solo exhibition presents ‘Unseen Oxford’, an on-going documentary project based in and around the city. With each black and white image he aims to reveal the unseen faces and places of Oxford.

Exhibition runs until 8th May in The Jam Factory's Restaurant Gallery.

Andrew Manson

All Year Round

Small & Large Gallery

12th April - 1st May 2017


Andrew Manson reveals seasons and celebrations through his impressionistic technique. His recognisable style employs vivid colour and daring strokes to large scale canvases. In this Spring show Manson will return to The Jam Factory with a hybrid collection of works that examine the line between 2D and 3D.

The viewer is invited to see, and to share in, the inimitable vision of Andrew Manson’s Oxford. He has spent his 26 years as a resident of the city, and has painted for 10 of them. Self-taught Andrew is inspired by the impressionist masters that practiced before him. This influence is evident, yet playfully made his own through his vibrant palette, as well as his interesting use of perspective.

Exhibition runs until 1st May 2017 in The Jam Factory's Small & Large Gallery.


Alice Bowsher


Boiler Room

19th April - 9th May 2017


Alice Bowsher is an illustrator who works primarily with black ink and doesn't get bored of drawing animals. She resides in London and works as a free-lance illustrator.

Alice Bowsher's solo exhibition titled 'America' will reveal kinetic sculptures and large scale ink drawings, inspired by her time spent travelling. 

She will use the floor, walls and ceiling to tell the viewer tales from her travels in America. Alice Bowsher will invite the viewer to change, to create and to form these nameless kinetic 3D characters.

She believes that her positive memories, placed in contrast with current media attention, create an interesting foundation from which to develop and build upon ideas.

Exhibition runs until 9th May in The Jam Factory's Boiler Room.

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