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Association of Midland Artists

Association of Midland Artists

Aniko Gajdocsi

Aniko Gajdocsi






10th November  - 8th December  

Eva Fahle-Clouts, Megan Dunford , Marjory Mulrooney & Rachel Dunford 
These four artists based in West Dorset come together to exhibit their new work relating to the common idea of ‘The Surface'. 
The surface in all it’s many interpretations, as an object, idea, illusion and space. The work shown relies on how the visitor approaches and interacts with the pieces allowing them to decide on what they are viewing. The artists aim to give those viewing the work a new experience and to leave the gallery with the ideas that all is not how it appears on the surface. 
Eva Fahle-Clouts 

For some time Eva has been interested in W A T E R, the beauty of it, all of its qualities, the sheer amount on this planet - it is essential for us; without water we would not survive. Our body consists of a high percentage of water. And yet we don't treat water as a precious substance. All sorts of "cleaning" substances pollute our water: plastic bottles, bags and other plastic rubbish threaten our oceans and the animals living in it; air pollution causes acidic rainwater which can harm plants and buildings...

In her installation- capturing the beauty of water surfaces in her photography- she invites you to see beyond the surface of water by using plastic particles, objects and other non water-digestible materials found at her local beach in Lyme Regis, and plastic bags as well as plastic bottles of cleaning materials, which she has stored in old, used lobster pots. Together with poems, text and photographs  Eva creates an art work which expresses her environmental concerns and her love for water. 

Megan Dunford

The surface of traditional artistic mediums, particularly paint and the struggle of depicting an image is what motivates Megan’s work and methods. Within her practice she sets out to create a false sense of an image whilst probing the viewer to question what they are looking at. Subject matters such as disused landscapes that resonate with human feelings and objects that have been abandoned occur as a constant theme, naturally lend themselves to the abstraction and seductive colours that Megan prefers. This exhibition will include recent work and drawings for sale. 
Marjory Mulrooney

What lies beyond the surface can lead to a new understanding both of place and material. 
To take graphite as an example - a basic drawing medium which has now become perhaps the most exciting scientific material currently being researched, with studies and experiments based around its conductive, reflective and flexible qualities taking place in laboratories worldwide.
 For the artist, beyond the traditional use for drawing, its reflective qualities, can offer the viewer the opportunity of being a part of the Art work whilst the work itself responds to ambient lighting and surroundings. Distance, time and texture are also references which are picked up by the - at first sight - monochrome surfaces. With the introduction of colour one is led into more specific locations and other references begin to play a role with idea of a visual journey emerging. The materiality of graphite itself becomes the subject.

Rachel Dunford 

Rachel Dunford focuses on documenting the aspects of human life that are often overlooked or perhaps never talked about. Her photographs on the surface focus on the mundane objects of a domesticated lifestyle, but beyond this hint at the people and places they may belong to. Nothing is ever fully confirmed for the viewer. The objects are considered carefully and given the attention one may give someone who is sitting for a portrait, they carry and air of mystery that leave the onlooker wanting to know more of the story.




5th November - 1st December

The Association of Midland Artists was formed around 30 years ago by a group of recent art school graduates, setting a standard of professionalism that continues today.  The Association is centred on Leamington Spa and currently has 65 members.  Styles, philosophy, and approach range from realism to abstract, decorative to conceptual, traditional to new media.  This is as true of the artists creating wall hanging pieces, including paintings, prints, photography and textiles, as of the designer makers working in ceramics, glass, jewellery, sculpture, and site-specific installations.

In recent years members have had work included in the Royal Academy Summer Show and in “Open” exhibitions around the country.  Many produce regular solo and small group shows, some hold “artist in residence” and teaching posts in a professional art environment.

The Association’s first Jam Factory exhibition promises to showcase a wealth of talent and variety of output.  Contributors will include Jane Williams, artist in residence to Leamington Music, known for her passionate visual interpretations of musical performances and musicians at work.  Oxfordshire based member and a previous Summer Exhibition exhibitor, Margaret Condon, will be showing fine and sensitive etchings inspired by poetry, music, and memory.  Victoria Smith, recent Royal Academy exhibitor, is known for her often humorous collages, using century old post cards and their messages as her starting points.  Recent work has been small, intimate, and compelling. On a larger scale, Katharine Barker will be showing her 2015 prize-winning textile piece, inspired by mummy wrappings in the Ashmolean collection.  These are just a taster, a few of the many, from a much larger exhibition that should provide a tantalising range in terms of style, scale, image, object and price.




4th November - 2nd December 2015

Aniko Gajdocsi works with mixed media collage processes, with an interest in subverting the factual aspects of photographic representation in order to create new imaginary potentials and fictional visual worlds. The main theme of her work is landscape, explored in the form of invented, fabricated places; while also focusing on the discussion between photography and painting, and exploring painting in the digital photographic context. “I employ a number of manual and digital manipulations during the creative process, to deliberately degrade and abstract from the realities of my source visuals, welcoming glitches and errors in the process, and opening up the possibilities of new narratives.” 

Originally from Hungary, Aniko graduated with a BA Fine Art degree from Winchester School of Art in 2014, and now continues her practice as a freelance artist in the UK. The Jam Factory is pleased to present her first solo exhibition.

The exhibition will include recent digital collage and painting works, as well as smaller digital reproductions of the bigger works for sale. 


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