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11th August - 27th September 2015 


Born in 1988 in Oxford, England. Currently living in Bristol, self taught Kleiner Shames had a playful introduction to the creative world through the mediums of graffiti and skateboarding around 15 years ago.

‘Recollect’ is a new body of work taking a look back at previous wall paintings, deconstructing and reinterpreting them in new forms of collage, painting studies and dimensional assemblage pieces constructed from a collection of wood and found objects.

His large-scale murals can be seen on Cowley road, instantly recognisable by the reoccurring structures, characters and use of colour. 




20th August - 22nd September 2015 

Andrew Manson is a well-known local artist, born and raised in Oxford. His signature style is easily recognisable by the characteristics of vivid rich colours & bold brush strokes.

Influenced by Claude Monet, Manet, J.M.W.Turner and John Singer Sergeant, Andrew is an intuitive artist who captures a moment in time, creating an impression of the view in front of him, full of life and emotion. With exhibitions in Oxford and London, Andrew is also resident artist at the famous pub The Eagle and Child, home of the famous literary writing group, The Inklings, which included C.S.Lewis and J.R.R.Tolkein.

Andrew was also the first resident artist at the East Oxford Community Centre, with Fusion Arts.

Andrew’s art can be regularly viewed at The Oxford Gallery on the High Street and at The University of Oxford shop. It can also be seen at The Royal Oak pub on the Woodstock rd.

His prior Oxford Exhibitions include, the Town Hall in 2013, 2014 & 2015, The Jam Factory 2014, The Arts Cafe 2012 - 2015, The Chequers 2014 - Present, Brookes University Haricourt Hill 2014 -Present and The Crown 2015 - Present.

Always finding inspiration from the beauty of historic Oxford and its literary connections, Andrew’s new projects, his latest being portraits in an ongoing series of influential & important local personalities. His current sitters are Bill Heine and Michael Black, two of Oxfords defining characters.

Andrew paints both landscapes and portraits. He accepts commissions alongside his exhibition work, and has a wide selection of affordable prints.

Written by Clara Reeves

June 2014.



12th August - 20th September

Stephen’s abstract paintings are the outcome of an unrestricted process, where varied materials, such as bitumen oil paint, acrylic and spray paint, are combined in an alchemical speculation. 

Under his authority as creator, time, gravity, instability and chance bring the formlessness of fluids in to a state of coagulation until an eventual arrangement is realised through the drying process. For Stephen, these patterns hold a significant affiliation with the geological and seismic occurrences of our planet. His canvases hold a beauty that alternately conceal and expose the extreme violence of the processes that they reflect - the eternal duality of destruction and re-creation that continues beneath our feet and that is meanwhile reflected in the world around us.

The results are attractive yet enigmatic - we need to be wary of their fragile beauty. Our desire to succumb to their charms is mitigated by our impending realisation of what these marks represent; it is a beauty found at the margin of violence and desire. 

Of course time is the ultimate force and its unstoppable power is evident in his artwork, as the Artist continually engages with, and manipulates, it as an aid for creation. We are unable to control time, but these paintings embrace this lack of control and embrace progression, a natural component of time, and the joy of the unknown. The act of creating this work is a grounding experience for me, and I wish for this to translate to the viewer.

I have found a particular affinity for Iceland, the place where these internal forces meet the external world in the most spectacular fashion. Here myths and legends have been created in parallel as a means of human attempts at explanation. Similarly Stephen aims to connect and mediate between these two worlds as he manipulates his chosen materials in an attempt to control these conflicting forces, whilst forging his own, ultimately contemporary, mythology. Together, the paintings begin to map an insight in to this imagined place, an aerial view of a fictitious yet familiar world. With titles such as ‘Eternal Rift Zone of The Poo-oo Oh Oh Place’ and ‘The Consequence Land’, this contemporary mythology is assigned an identity.



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