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10th June - 27th July 2014

Ashley R. Good and The Jam Factory present Chemistry: New Instant Photography.

Featuring five exciting new photographers who all specialize in the medium of instant photography. Following the demise of Polaroid, instant photography was rescued by The Impossible Project who began making new instant film in 2010. This thrilling reinvention of a classic photographic medium has spurred on artists worldwide to create exciting new work.

Featuring artists Meredith Wilson, elegia, Ashley R. Good and Ben Innocent in collaboration with Celina Wyss.

The launch party takes place on the 14th of June 2014 from 7-10pm.




3rd June - 20th July 2014

Listen04 is a painter and drawer currently living and working in the UK.

Obsessive and intensely private he spends up to 12 hours a day in the small room in which he works and over recent years has amassed a prolific body of over 3,000 drawings and paintings in pencil, felt tips, acrylic and watercolour.

His pictures have been exhibited in group shows in the UK, Holland, Denmark and America, belong in both national and international collections and have been featured in a wide variety of blogs, magazines and books including a self published paperback entitled ‘Stop. Look. Listen – Some drawings by Listen04’.

This exhibition is a collection of over 40 key works in pencil, felt tips and watercolour created over the last 3 years.

Difficult to categorise, Listen04’s work is a surreal blend of naïve imagery, amusing wordplay and a childlike outlook on the world which can be both humorous and disturbing.

Popular culture and ideas are re-arranged in a way that highlights and embraces their absurdist nature whilst at the same time undermining them through the use of humour.



28th May - 13th July 2014

The Jam Factory presents an Exhibition of Contemporary Cartographic Art inspired by maps and map-making. This exhibition features pieces by Emma Johnson, Jack Morris, Kate McLean and Ed Fairburn.

Drawing inspiration from those unique schemas of distance and demarcation; neither abstract formalism nor pure semiotics, ATLAS celebrates the beauty of cartography and its ability to carry us thousands of miles, across ocean and mountains, from pole to pole in a hand full of inches.

Emma Johnson: My work deals with issues of deconstruction and transformation, the recycling of materials and the ambiguity of communication, as well as the obsessive repetitive actions used in the making of the work. Found objects are reconstructed into artworks which stand as a tangible and symbolic presence of the information contained within, but are virtually unreadable: linear communication made illegible.

Jack Morris: I consider my art to be a form of cartography. However, rather than attempting accurately to replicate what the city looks like, I seek to convey what the city feels like; amalgamating the dynamic, vivacious, exciting and hostile ambiences of the urban landscape and illustrating them upon the canvas. It is a unique form of cartography, a visual representation of the atmospherically rich urban landscape.

Kate McLean: My business is graphic design. My environment is design education. My obsession is cartography. I create sensory maps. I teach and practice a subject whose content and media are fluid and constantly evolving; a subject whose limits are determined only by imagination & creativity.



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