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A Walk Across the Wild

A Walk Across the Wild

Epistles from the Heart of Chaos

Epistles from the Heart of Chaos

Inspired by the Canal

Inspired by the Canal


Photography by Marie-Laure Parsy Szikola

18th March - 20th April 2014

The Jam Factory presents an exhibition of travel photography by travel writer and photographer Marie-Laure Parsy Szikola featuring images from Greenland, Iceland, Egypt and Tajikistan. 

Five years of travel photography, a life packed in a bag, thousands of miles on foot, wheels and wings. From the scalding polar frost to the crumbling snow of the Egyptian Sahara, the exhibition follows the steps of a handful of intrepid travellers that spent days and weeks in deserts of ice, ash and sand.  In a world of vivid colours, sail off from the banks of the Arctic sea, pass the Suez Canal, and explore, on foot, the trade trails of the Silk Road to the borders of Afghanistan, through high passes and pristine lakes.

Driven by a sheer passion for exploration, years of wanderings have taken Marie from the icy fjords of Greenland to the high mountains of the Himalayas, hiking across the golden Sahara dunes and the mountainous expanse of Central Asia. Recent winner of the Wanderlust magazine’s ‘From the road’ literary competition, her on-going projects focus on Eastern European folklore and on the planning of an ice-skating expedition due to follow the 636km of Lake Baikal during Easter 2015.



An Exhibition of Paintings by Josephine Lyons

2nd April - 28th April 2014

The Jam Factory Oxford is pleased to present Epistles from the Heart of Chaos, an exhibition of new work by London based artist Josephine Lyons. Working in paint, in this series Lyons creates work that explores some of the consequences of what we choose to memorialise in art and religion and how this might affect our understanding of today.

Lyons presents six paintings that have Epistles or letters embedded within the images. Both the images and the texts will focus on the memories of different religious and social beliefs and ideas of chaos.  Particularly, Lyons is interested in exploring the memories of conflict that arise between the freedom of hope and the difficulties and comforts found in fixed religious or social frameworks.

Following on from her sketches based around Perspective is light (2010) Lyons creates new multiple vanishing points in landscape painting. Referencing a use of light found in Christian and early Renaissance paintings, Lyons focuses on new areas and present a more open use of light as a point of reference. Figures are surrounded by light and intense areas of tonal contrast are dispersed throughout the painting, not just in the foreground where they would normally be seen, giving multiple imaginative echoes of natural space and different senses of potential.



1st April - 27th April 2014

Launch Party: 1st April 2014

Follow Oxford’s hidden waterway through art from the community, from children’s work to professional artists’, in an exhibition ranging from traditional paintings to thought-provoking contemporary installation.

Starting in Banbury, the canal to Oxford wanders through Wolvercote and creeps along the back of Jericho terraces, ending quietly at busy Hythe Bridge Street in Oxford centre. Despite being within the hustle and bustle of the ring-road, a stroll along this three mile stretch has the capacity to surprise even those who have spent their lives in the city. It’s a secret byway, often undiscovered and unappreciated, a lush and verdant path leading residents and visitors alike into another world - the quiet backwaters of times gone by.

in support of the Oxford Canal Heritage Project






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