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Siobhan Cooney

Siobhan Cooney

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Anthea Richards

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Michael Solis



Siobhan Cooney - PAPILIO

6th April - 1st May 2016

I’m Siobhan Cooney. I graduated in 2003 with a degree in product design, and since then I've worked as a prototype designer, an interior designer and an art and graphics teacher.

Four years ago I decided to focus solely on my art career, and I work from my studio in Oxfordshire. As an artist I work across numerous disciplines and media, and I like to vary my work to both challenge and refresh myself. At present I’m screen printing, spray painting, and adding depth through resin coating.

I have a huge interest in nature and industry and where they meet, and in particular the patterns found in both. I also adore vibrant colour, and I’m fascinated by the luminosity of colour in different conditions. 




Anthea Richards - Greek Myths

5th April 2016 - 3rd May 2016

In an Exhibition of Venetian Drawings at the Ashmolean, the curator, Dr Catherine Whistler, emphasised the importance to Tintoretto of sculpture and small clay models for his observational drawings of the human form.

I mention this, as it supports my use of Barbie Dolls and Action Man as models for much of my recent work, which has been based on the theme of the Greek Myths. 

The work began with the set of drawings and watercolours entitled ‘Pandora’s Box’. It continued with the set of 12 etchings, all based on well-known Greek mythological characters.

The set of 3 silkscreen prints were printed in a studio in Den Bosch, Netherlands, using modern hi-tech equipment.

The remainder of the prints in this exhibition are inspired by observations drawn in my sketchbook at various art-based venues, and use a variety of simple print techniques.





Michael Solis - Momentarily (Photography)

31st March - 1st May 2016

Is it possible to stop time? Can a person actually stop for just a moment to notice, to realise, to contemplate their surroundings? Their perspective? Is fine art photography doomed because of digital imaging? Is everyone a photographer now because they have a camera on their phone? These are just some of the questions I pursue in my practice.

My sources of inspiration are as varied as the types of images that I create. I adore the canon of master photographers in the early 20th Century like Stieglitz, Steichen, Weston, Adams, Cartier-Bresson, et. al. I sometimes wish to have been one of their contemporaries because of my beginnings in black and white film photography.  I did embrace digital photography and use it primarily, although I am currently experimenting with alternative analog processes.

I often find my biggest inspiration through travelling and seeing people and places through fresh eyes. This is a show of my work through travels in the United States, France, Italy, Switzerland, Namibia, and England. My focus is to show the viewer split-second moments that go unnoticed. Unnoticed because of our own distraction or because they enter the white noise of life. I look to embrace those moments, as I find them intrinsically beautiful.

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