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Araminta Blue: Petal, Anther Peace

Araminta Blue: Petal, Anther Peace

Katie Whittaker and Sarah Fennell

Katie Whittaker and Sarah Fennell



mother XX daughter

Restaurant Gallery 

12th July - 22nd August 2017


'Mothers of daughters are daughters of mothers and have remained so, in circles joined to circles, since time began.'  

Signe Hammer

Rona uses a mostly monochromatic palate of oil on canvas to paint images of people. She is interested in the inner psyche and in capturing a particular mood. Rona's subject matter is usually what is close to her, hoping to gain a greater understanding through this exploration.  

Over the years she has realised that her themes focus primarily on women.  For this exhibition she has put all the paintings she have done of women into themes.  This exhibition is a selection of works, linked together by family, focusing on the mother/daughter relationship.  The circle of mothers as the life-giving vessel.


Araminta Blue  

Petal, Anther, Peace

Boiler Room

25th July - 3rd September 2017

The Jam Factory presents “Petal, Anther, Peace”, an exhibition of oil paintings and ink drawings by artist Araminta Blue.

Araminta is an early career artist due to begin a master of fine art at The Slade on completion of this exhibition. She graduated from The Ruskin School of Art in 2012 and has since exhibited regularly in London. This is her first solo exhibition to be held in Oxford.

This exhibition of oil paintings and ink drawings takes inspiration from the zen gardens of Kyoto. With a gentle colour palette, Araminta has cast rocks, plants and fabrics in a natural balance across the canvas.

Araminta works in London, whilst making regular source-material hoarding trips into nature - to colourful, vibrant countries such as Japan, Sri Lanka, Morocco and Iceland. In the studio she surrounds herself with an edited environment of imagery, but composes her scenes mainly from memory and instinct. With a style that treads the line between classical and contemporary, she gently abstracts her subjects with sinuous brushwork and emotive colour palette.  

Katie Whittaker & Sarah Fennell 


Small and Large Gallery 

2nd August - 17th September 2017

The Jam Factory presents 'Artefact' a joint exhibition by print designer, Sarah Fennell and designer-maker, Katie Whittaker.

Artefact is a collaborative show, reinterpreting ancient and collected objects to re-engage a modern audience. Katie Whittaker and Sarah Fennell share a mutual fascination for museum artefacts and curiosities. 'Artefact' will explore the objectification of relics curated in museums through the designers' complimentary styles.

Katie's fluid drawn line and jewellery based interpretations will sit in conversation with Sarah's distinctive cut and paste aesthetic collages.

Sarah Fennell is a textile designer and print maker who hand prints bespoke fabric for interior objects. Having mastered the process of silk screenprinting, she hones this ancient craft to create unique compositions of colour and object which showcase exceptional craftsmanship and integrity.

With a distinctive cut and paste aesthetic, she uses paper collage to form the basis of her ideas. Intrigued by the conversations that objects can have within a defined space, she cuts out shapes free hand early on in the design process to develop the spatial interaction between shapes and negative space. These collages are then re- interpreted on fabric as large scale stencilled prints, or worked with digitally to create artwork for print. By taking a playful approach to both collage and colour, her printed works on both paper and fabric celebrate contrasts inherent to objects: surface and depth of field with line and texture: staged still life becomes an animated pattern. Sarah's collaging and screen printing process is inherent to her design aesthetic, and focusses on communicating the joy to be found in oversized pattern and harmony of colour.  

Katie Whittaker is greatly inspired by ancient objects, folklore and the sea. Currently based in Oxfordshire, she has been developing illustrative jewellery since graduating. Her Sympathetic Jewellery collection was originally based on the Sympathetic Magic exhibits at the Pitt Rivers but has grown to include inspiration from the Ashmolean, the British Museum and the SCVA. The collection focuses on the convenience of modern life and reconnects the wearer with their ancestors and the traditional hunting rituals, superstitions and beliefs that have been lost. 




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