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Peter Driver

Peter Driver

Caroline Meynell

Caroline Meynell

Claire Christie Sadler

Claire Christie Sadler




29th September - 8th November

ARTIST TALK - 4th November 7.30pm (FREE) - BOILER ROOM

PRIVATE VIEW - 30th September 6 - 8pm - BOILER ROOM

Peter Driver uses printmaking, drawing and performative action to reflect his diverse interests including the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, social relations, ornithology, lowland landscapes and his signature ‘March for Optimism’.

The Jam Factory is pleased to present Peter’s first solo show since graduating with an MA in Fine Art at Winchester School of Art.

The show will include Peter’s stunning woodcut prints, drawings, photography and video. He intends his visual practice to foster dialogue about meaning, environment, community and uses of power. This promises to be a visually engaging and thought-provoking exhibition. 

The show will include some works for sale and a special woodcut edition that Peter makes to give away free of charge.




24th September - 3rd November

Caroline Meynell says “My paintings evolve from the landscape, mapping a path that is both internal and external.   I am drawn to the elemental and timeless quality of land formations found in rugged cliffs of the coast and the soft clefts of hills, hewn over time.    I am also drawn to horizons, an integral part of the landscape, that take on different perspectives visually as well as in our imaginations.

How do I evoke this in paint?     It is an ongoing process and time consuming.    There is much putting on of paint, much taking off, making marks and erosions, gradually building up thin layers of paint to create translucency and depth.   Colours that are soft and subtle play an important part.   Throughout all the work is a sense of space and light.”

Caroline originally studied History of Art, and worked for many years as a picture researcher for leading art publishers.  She started painting relatively recently, graduating from Bucks Chilterns University College with a First Class Fine Art degree in 2003.  She has exhibited widely in London and around the UK.   Recent solo exhibitions include the 03 Gallery, Oxford Castle, and Dorchester Abbey.   She was winner of the Mary Moser Award 2012/13.




23rd September - 26th October 

This body of work is based on the work of the imagination. It explores possibilities – a light shining through the darkness, perhaps a way forward, a sign of hope and promise; incomplete drawings of young people still developing, (where will they go? how will they respond and be shaped by the world in which they live?); experimental charcoal drawings from tiny paper bags, emerging out of quick, gestural movements and worked on until something more abstracted emerges and which may even bear some resemblance to the human form; experimental work in mixed media – landscapes of the mind – do they exist somewhere?

Nothing is certain and these works have no answers. They are thoughts transcribed into a visual language and explored. I hope that the resulting body of work invites the viewer to respond in an individual and inventive way.       


My work is drawing based and as well as employing more traditional methods, also explores the interaction of a variety of materials.

Coming from a background as a professional cellist, I subsequently did a B.A. Fine Art (hons) and now work from my studio in Oxford. I have exhibited locally and nationally and have undertaken business and ecclesiastical commissions. Through teaching, I enjoy encouraging creativity in others and have also led community projects in Oxon, Bucks and Tamil Nadu, India. 

The majority of this work was done in response to a poem by the photographer Judie Waldmann. She was inspired to write it after leading a community project and we subsequently both produced a body of work, which was shown at the North Wall Gallery, Oxford earlier this year. I am deeply grateful to her for providing the stimulus from which this work was born.



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