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Petra Lea

Petra Lea

Julien Masson

Julien Masson

Peter Perry

Peter Perry



An Exhibition of Painting and collage

30th November 2014 – 7th January 2015

Cheshire based artist who is part of the Electric Picture House Artists' Cooperative. Petra's artwork mainly consists of paintings and collages. The paintings are mainly abstract, exploring emotional response, colour and form. Some become landscapes; others function on a purely emotional level.

The collages focus on the inability of communication to visualise reality, to reflect dissonance between from and content, and the disfunctions of language. Through the juxtaposition of image and text the viewer is drawn into a world where they can create their own connections and stories. They also contain a touch of surrealism and plenty of humour.



13th November - 21st January

Julien is a French Artist based in the UK. He has lived and studied Fine Art in France, the UK and Italy.  He regards his paintings as exploration of painted 3d space on a flat surface.  The works are often formed of meshes or strands (paint, clay or digital) intricately weaved together. They are ambiguous but there is also dynamism within them; they are built in patterns that repeat over and over again. These patterns are inspired by mathematically generated images through the use of digital medium used in science and engineering such as 3d scanning and tomography. The work still retains a natural quality because of the defects and glitches that occur throughout the production of each piece.

The work draws inspiration from the digital culture of today. It is inspired by CG aesthetics but also arcs back to the random events and the unpredictability of things. Random patterns are layered and repeated. These layers create complex numeric networks that echo the complexity of Nature.  The concept repetition and evolution of form allows me to create an infinity amount of variations. Clouds or scales on a hair all contain shapes that can repeat themselves on an infinite scale. 

For the artist the point of making is to discover the work through the act of creation itself. The surface patterns endlessly repeat and create an infinite amount of variations; starting with one line the surface creates it own signature wave.




16th November – 25th January

Peter studied the earth sciences to PhD level at university, followed by training in forestry as a mature student. Much of his subsequent life has been spent working out-doors and therefore landscape and the natural environment are Peter’s main inspiration.

Currently working mainly in oil, soft pastel and watercolour, making many small outside studies, some of which are later developed as large oils. Pastel and watercolour are not only convenient for working outdoors, but also enable Peter to create subtle atmospheric effects. Occasionally using oil pastel for bold, bright colours, and charcoal or graphite when he’s concerned with pattern and tone rather as oppose to colour.

The artist’s work varies enormously in scale and focus, whilst he enjoys making small detailed studies of nature; a feather or a leaf, capturing the huge sweep of a sky, or bare landscape, with little or no detail and most of the emphasis on atmosphere is also a focus for Peter.


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