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Cathryn Jeff

Cathryn Jeff

Kev Munday, Bill Thorpe & Kazland

Kev Munday, Bill Thorpe & Kazland

Rachel Cronin & Tina Burnett

Rachel Cronin & Tina Burnett




23rd March 2015 - 27th April 2015

Cathryn's canvases are inspired by the nature that surrounds us.  She gathers inspiration when out walking or travelling to recreate a piece of art. Cathryn applies natural materials such as sand and plaster to add interest with texture giving the painting depth; this allows her to build up layers of paint through dry brushing and experiment with colour creating interesting contours of colour and texture together. This creation of depth and detail allows her paintings to be admired from a distance and up close.




by Kev Munday, Kazland & Bill Thorpe

2nd March 2015 - 1st April 2015

3 Artists from Basingstoke bring their colourful & exciting work to Oxford with a new Mural in the entrance to The Jam Factory!


Homegrown artist Kazland has invented his own world and make marks and mess to illustrate this place and invite others inside his mind. He tells an abstract narrative. Animals, bitches, broken-toothed grins, re-worked and re-painted until they resemble what they should. Working from everything around him with the materials nearest.

Kev Munday

Kev is a 28-year-old artist living and working in Basingstoke, Hampshire. His artwork is the offspring of people watching and imagination and he aims for his work to appeal as much to a seven year old kid as it does to a serious art collector . Kev works with a wide range of mediums and on a plethora of surfaces, inspired by huichol art, kawaii graphics and everything surrounding him. He paints fast, free and unplanned.

Munday got into art through painting graffiti as a teenager and has been exhibiting his work for 9 years, showing in venues including The Southbank Centre, Selfridges and Summers Place Sculpture Gardens. His art is in private collections all over the world, has been commissioned by brands including Walt Disney, Fracture Skateboards and Monster Energy and has featured in worldwide press including The Evening Standard, Elle Decor, Design Milk and Juxtapoz Magazine.

Having recently hosted a solo show at London's Arts Depot and released a wallpaper in collaboration with Graham & Brown, Kev Munday is looking forward to many more years of watching paint dry.

Bill Thorpe

Growing up surrounded by the 90s graffiti scene, Bill Thorpe applies his signature bold style to a variety of outlets - from digital to print and in both 2D and 3D. 

Die hard fans of Bill may notice changes through-out the development of his chosen imagery but it's his distictive colour palette and artistic approach which have made his works a familiar site around the UK and beyond. 

Having exhibited at various galleries both nationwide and international, Bill spends his weekdays working from his Hampshire-based studio - meanwhile his weekends are usually reserved for travel, where he often meets with peers to produce large scale works.



23rd February 2015 – 7th April 2015



Tina’s work is currently inspired by the delight in colour and texture.....a selection of the work is collaged, mixed - media with stitchery, gold and copper leaf , paint and  momogami papers....(a Japanese way of working with paper to make it flexible, almost cloth like, for sewing and collage). The pictures represent semi abstract landscapes and foliage textures; with the aim of a magical atmosphere.

Tina has been exhibiting in watercolour and acrylic/ mixed media for many years in different venues/ halls and at The Mill in Banbury, she also takes part in Oxfordshire Artweeks both at home in Over Norton and with artist Anuk Naumann at her Great Rollright studio.

‘I found much inspiration in the work of Cas Holmes and Ann Kelly....their lovely book, 'Connected Cloth', is one I highly recommend to anyone interested in textile art’.



Rachel is an artist and writer who believes in magic and the healing power of the creative process. Rachel’s paintings are created by layering colours and symbols that evolve to become finished pieces of work. Colour schemes and patterns come together, themes change and grow and compositions emerge. These are created from small everyday objects and totems; leaves, seed heads, feathers, keys, branches, trees and flowers.

Sometimes landscapes and seascapes emerge, sometimes not. For the artist painting is an alchemical process turning the simplest of assemblages into something golden and luminous.

Alongside this Rachel is a workshop facilitator, creative enabler and confidence builder who loves to help others find their creative path in life. The language of artistic expression can be a difficult one to master and she strives to help other artists (especially those who struggle to call themselves artists) move their work on from being competent and good to becoming a blazing expression of who they are.


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