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Magdalen Road Studios

Magdalen Road Studios



Magdalen Road Studios 

Art on the Move

Small & Large Gallery & Restaurant Gallery

2nd November - 4th December 2016 


21 Artists from Magdalen Road Studios exhibiting their artwork at The Jam Factory.

Magdalen Road Artist Studios in Oxford was set up in August 1999 by Diana Bell and Kevin Slingsby, with the aim of providing affordable studio space to local artists. Magdalen Road Studios offers a programme of arts education for all ages and regularly welcomes the public to interact with artists and artworks or visit during 'open studio' days.

Magdalen Road Studios is overseen by a board of trustees, supported by a Studio Manager and the studio members themselves. Artists Members are required to contribute to studio life by taking on roles such as curating shows, fundraising and promotion, developing the website or helping to maintain the building.


Betsey Tyler Bell / Madi Acharya-Baskerville / Catalina Renjifo / Chris Otley / Juliet Eccles / Marie Darkins / Elena Henshaw / Ellen Hausner / Helen Foster / Helen Ganly / John Brennan / Samuel Harriman / Jonathan Moss / Jonathan Shapley / Julian Dourado / Sarah House / Lucy Baxandall / Paul Fenwick / Wig Sayell / Tom Milnes / Sharon Wype




B-Nrna King Squad 


16th November - 13th December 2016 

The Jam Factory presents Oxford based collective B-Nrna King Squad.

B-Nrna King Squad consists of four Oxford based Artists, Matthew Davies, Miriam Ortega, Kamila Jegor and Kevin Douglas. As a collective they draw their inspiration from the cultural and social trends that present themselves within the Oxford Party scene. This body of work is a culmination of spontaneous ideas and random events where Art became a catalyst for fun and unicorns. 

Their group exhibiton seeks to explore spontaneity and fun in a range of mediums; paintings, from figurative to abstract; sculpture; and a collection of over 300 drawings. The four Artists invite you to view their striking and humorous notions of the social and cultural trends of our time. 


Matthew Davies / Miriam Ortega / Kamila Jegor / Kevin Douglas 

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