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Paul Fenwick

Paul Fenwick

Sophie Walker

Sophie Walker

Amy Ash

Amy Ash




Paul Fenwick - Paintings (2010-2016)

31st August – 2nd October 2016

Moving steadily away from traditional portraiture I have learned to allow the medium to entirely direct the process of the painting. The image organically emerges from the paint revealing a solid human presence. This kind of image is more accessible and open to subjective and personal interpretation by the viewer than traditional portraiture, and also seems to communicate on a deeper level. 

I see absolutely no reason to begin work knowing exactly what is going to happen. I want to be surprised during the creative process and also long after the event. This can only be achieved by working quickly, intuitively and in the moment, avoiding reliable techniques and knowing when to move on to something else.

Paint is a material that can convey much more than just visual information, when understood and used with feeling. Like playing music, it is not just about playing the right notes in the right order. Painting without feeling becomes an exercise in pure technique and ultimately means nothing.




Elaine Allender - Meadowland 

7th September – 3rd October

Elaine Allender is an Oxford-based artist who is inspired by the natural world.  Self-taught, Elaine is interested in the use of colour and texture, building up her paintings in many layers.

Inspired by years of designing, planting and nurturing gardens, she captures the essence of her flowers and landscapes with mark making in a loose, non-representational style.

‘I’m not interested in the strictures of botanical drawing, rather the feeling that the scene inspires in me.’

As well as her impressionist meadow paintings, Elaine often works with mixed media on canvas to create bold, densely textured flower works in a semi-abstract style. 

She has previously exhibited in Oxford, Sussex, Worcestershire and Leicestershire and her paintings have found homes in private collections in France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Greece, the UAE, the USA and Australia, as well as throughout the UK.




Amy Ash

25th August 2016 - 4th October 2016

Amy Ash is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice incorporates curatorial projects, teaching and learning, installation, collage, illustration and other forms of making.

Originally from New Brunswick, Canada, Ash holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University (CA) and a Bachelor of Education from the University of New Brunswick (CA).  Her work understands personal and cultural cosmologies and lore as notions formed by the connectivity of memory, object, value, place, experience and their respective truths and fictions. She has exhibited and curated programmes in Canada, Japan and the UK. Recently, she completed a thematic residency, Truth Lies and Lore, at the Banff Centre for the Arts, for which she was awarded a bursary from the Peter McKendrick Endowment Fund for Visual Artists.

Amy's practice flows between curatorial projects, teaching and learning, installation and other forms of making.

Throughout her practice, she sees the construction and regeneration of personal and cultural cosmologies and lore as an outcome of the intersections and overlaps between experience, memory, value, hearsay, place and object. Playful interventions and experiments stem from these ideas to tease the collective memory and question or confuse common associations and truths, encouraging new meaning to be created. 

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