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mother XX daughter

12th July - 22nd August 2017

Restaurant Gallery 

'Mothers of daughters are daughters of mothers and have remained so, in circles joined to circles, since time began.'  

Signe Hammer

Rona uses a mostly monochromatic palate of oil on canvas to paint images of people. She is interested in the inner psyche and in capturing a particular mood. Rona's subject matter is usually what is close to her, hoping to gain a greater understanding through this exploration.  

Over the years she has realised that her themes focus primarily on women.  For this exhibition she has put all the paintings she have done of women into themes.  This exhibition is a selection of works, linked together by family, focusing on the mother/daughter relationship.  The circle of mothers as the life-giving vessel.


Ollie Gomm 

Gommie. The Exhibition: My Real Life Instagram Page 

6th June - 24th July 2017

Boiler Room

In 2008, Theatre actor and minor daytime television personality Oliver Gomm created (by accident) an alter ego named GOMMIE who writes obsessively in overpriced moleskin pads and gets himself into all sorts of trouble just so he can write about it to his adoring and imaginary public who consider GOMMIE to be a sort of modern day (alive) version of Samuel Pepys.

After many years (8) of successfully keeping up his accidental (and mostly secret) duty, GOMMIE met a wonderful girl called MELANIE who was doing a PHD in “the internet” at “Oxford”... and she said to him one day “GOMMIE, why do you write in pads and not on the internet? without the internet you don't exist. Without the internet you're nothing but an offline community of one”. 

GOMMIE (and this is just the kind of guy he is) took this on board, and thought that maybe this is part of the reason for him feeling so isolated and weird all the time; He was not part of the internet! 

So the next week, after breaking up with MELANIE, GOMMIE logged onto Insagram under the guise “MYOFFLINECOMMUNITYOFONE” and started lifting and posting specific memories from his diaries into highly personal, visual poems that he called “GOMMIES" in the hope of exploring such subjects as love, fun, English politics, and the fascinating tension that exists between survival and adventure. He even wrote a manifesto on the carpet of his mums floor one day stating all sorts of Dogma- style facts about what a GOMMIE is. About how a GOMMIE is “not words only”. About how a GOMMIE is “a poem that can turn into anything at all” About how “You don’t have to worry about anything in GOMMIE” And about how “All you need to GOMMIE, is a pen, something to write on, and the infinite- which is infinite.” 


Birmingham and Midland Pastel Society


Small and Large Gallery 

1st June - 31st July 

We are very happy to announce the Birmingham and Midland Pastel Society will be exhibiting with us in June! Their group exhibition ‘BOUNDARIES’ features the work of twenty artists from the society. 

The BMPS was founded by Waveney Fredrick, Alex Jackson and Gordon Yapp in the hope of providing a platform for artists working in pastel. There are no members of the society, only exhibitors. Since establishing the committee in 1982, they have exhibited in venues across the midlands. 

This exhibition will show a staggering range of technique under the theme ‘Boundaries’. The theme was put forward in a committee meeting as a means of giving focus to the exhibition beyond the limitations imposed by their medium. It is the first time the society have given a theme to an exhibition. They believe it is a subject that can be widely interpreted by artist and viewer. 

The exhibition which runs in our Small and Large Gallery will show work by: Hazel Astling, Paul Bartlett, Patricia Beach, Meryl Blake, Malcolm Brookes, Sally Brookes, Lesley Connolly, Sylvie Dattas, Jan Gay, Mary Griffin, John Hodgkins, Pat Landon, Ursala Newell-Walker, Patrick Penrose, Joanne, Powell, Colin Simmonds, Claire Spencer, David Spurrier, Jan Summerfield and Vera Turner. Their group exhibition runs 1st June - 31st July 2017.

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