What's on Show


Alison Walters

Disappearing Forests

Small and Large Gallery 

19 September - 15 October 2017 


Alison Walters is inspired by landscape and the natural world. She does not aim to represent it realistically. She uses paint and colour to explore not only the visual and sensory experience of sky and trees, but also the changing seasons; a sense of time; and the changes that the earth goes through, seasonally and geologically. 

Alison Walters suggests shapes through printing and masking layers of paint and different dilutions of water on her large canvases, creating a sense of movement and depth. She manipulates the colour and direction of the paint to hint at the change and transformation of the work, which reference her painterly process and interest in the natural world. 

The artist is conscious of the pressures that have been put on our planet and environment by humans, affecting the survival of many species, as well as our own. Her thoughts about the issues surrounding climate change have percolated through into her paintings.


Beatrice Hoffman

Sculptures by Beatrice Hoffman

Restaurant Gallery 

24 August - 9 October 2017

Beatrice Hoffman is an accomplished sculptor and sculpture teacher. She offers sculpture workshops from her studio in Oxfordshire. Beatrice Hoffman works mainly with clay: though also in stone, wood, plaster and polystyrene/expandable foam. She aims to achieve a degree of both simplicity and abstraction. In both figurative and abstract sculptures, the artist searches for a sense of fullness, contrasted with negative shapes; sharp angles between surfaces which are juxtaposed with smoothness. 

In 2017, the artist won a large commission for Northampton Hospital. The life size work-in-progress will welcome the public at the entrance of the hospital, and raise awareness towards organ donation. 

Beatrice Hoffman is fascinated by strong form. With her abstracted heads particularly, she explores themes on the interface of mythology, philosophy, psychology and spirituality. As a former Arts Therapist, she is very aware of her themes, and the psychological and expressive potential of sculpture as a medium. 

The exhibit promises to reveal the masterly qualities of her sculpted strong forms in a series of photographs in the Restaurant Gallery.


William Andris Wood & Helen Whitley 

Soft Machines 

Boiler Room Gallery 

5 September - 17 October 2017 


In this joint exhibition, William Andris Wood and Helen Whitley aim to communicate ideas about anatomy from both an aesthetic, and a learning perspective. The human body has long been an integral aspect of European art. The intention of their joint exhibition, Soft Machines, is to address a conflict between the often emotive nature of the subject matter, in a objective and scientific approach. 

The concerted understanding of unseen structures is what brings the three-dimensional objects in their environments to life on a two-dimensional surface.  

The title ‘Soft Machines’ relates to the metaphor of the human body as made up of mechanical parts, each with a specific function. Their joint understanding of the intimate relationship between structure and function in human anatomy allows the artists to create images that explore these ideas.

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