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Callum Saunders

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Edwina Hicks

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Julia Whatley




7th July - 9th August 2015

Callum Saunders is a student doing the Arts Foundation Course at Abingdon and Witney College. He is specialising in photography and has been offered a place on the Photography degree course at Bournemouth.

He is currently exploring street photography and has been inspired by Antonio Olmos, who is a London based Mexican photojournalist.

Many of these images were taken in Oxford over the last few months. Some were fleeting moments grabbed opportunistically. Others were taken with the subject’s permission and the rest are from his travels in various countries. 

Callum comes from a family of photographers so it was natural to start taking pictures at an early age. He fell in love with it when he was at school and would often steal his dad’s camera before he got his own.

He is interested in street photography and enjoys taking candid images. This fits well with his love of travel and pictures of people. Recently he has completed a project around mobile phones and the rise and rise of the selfie. Callum is keen to promote ‘proper photography’ but would also support the quote by Chase Jarvis that the best camera is the one that’s with you.

The next step is for Callum to spend some of the next year travelling, he then has a place at Bournemouth University to study photography in 2016.




27th May 2015 – 7th July 2015

Edwina’s work is inspired by hardedge abstract paintings that her father, an interior designer David Hicks, collected in the 1960s.

She has been making paintings since the late 90s. Edwina hasn’t had any formal training but has always drawn, and loves line, pattern and strong, clear colours. She works in acrylic on board, sometimes branching into three dimensions and making reliefs. Edwina also enjoys simple forms for their clarity.

Experimenting in drawing, trying out compositions and colour relationships in miniature before committing them to a larger scale. Edwina is local and lives in Oxford and works in a small studio at the back of her house.



17th June – 13th July 2015

Julia Whatley’s drawings and paintings are captivating, demonstrating superb observational skills and a deep love of the natural world. There is a lightness of touch to her work, which can be both joyful and inspirational. This new exhibition at The Jam Factory, entitled ‘Dancing with Cranes’, celebrates the introduction of this iconic bird to the Somerset Levels. It includes a series of prints, which feature both observational studies of cranes and more fanciful drawings to reflect the spirit of this beautiful bird. These works clearly demonstrate Whatley’s rare talent for capturing form and movement with a few delicate lines.

The exhibition also includes a number of works based on a period spent in residence with the Royal Ballet Sinfonia. These works, which include some drawing, painting and collage, capture the grace of the dancers and the sense of performance both on stage and behind the scenes.

Julia Whatley studied at Winchester School of Art and Goldsmiths. She has exhibited her drawings and paintings widely but is better known for her illustrations, most notably for Marco Pierre White’s book ‘Wild Food from Land and Sea’ and Rick Stein’s ‘Fruits of the Sea’. Other notable clients include British Airways, Dorling & Kindersley and The Royal Ballet. She speaks fondly of her commission to draw John Betjeman. Whatley works with passion and feels strongly that all children, whatever their background, should have the freedom to explore their creativity and individuality. For that reason she has set up a charity called PETAL in the hope that children’s artistic expression may benefit by being nurtured in peaceful surroundings and donates part of the proceeds from her work to this cause.



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