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Hannah Edward

Hannah Edward

Oxfordshire Artweeks Oxford's Sea View Taster Exhibition

Oxfordshire Artweeks Oxford's Sea View Taster Exhibition

Sophie Symes Jewellery

Sophie Symes Jewellery



HANNAH EDWARD - 'Plimsoll'

13th April 2015 - 27th April 2015

Plimsoll is an installation that explores ‘landscape’, using drawing, painting and photographic assemblage.
Hannah will exhibit a series of drawings and collages using found images, newspaper cuttings and photographs that she has been making, they range from A6 to A3 in size and continue to examine the themes of exploring/expanding landscapes.

The work explores the inherent flatness of photography, through alterations that lead the viewer’s eye toward the contours and layers represented within the images. Juxtaposing altered and unaltered photographs of ‘natural’ environments, Edward reveals the tension inherent within any two dimensional image.

This is further explored through dialogue with other ‘flat’ mediums, which are used to create a line around the space. Encircling the viewer, the installation of the works refers to the horizon line, which traditionally sits in representations of landscapes, aiming to reconstruct aspects of three-dimensionality lost in print.

Through this, Edward questions the way in which our perceptions of the ‘natural’ environment are constantly affected by previous two-dimensional representations.




1st April 2015 - 29th April 

Oxford's Sea View

A display of coastal work brings the sea inland for Artweeks 2015 and Esther Lafferty dips her toe in the water. You can’t get much further from the English coastline than Oxfordshire: however, Oxford isn’t one of the world’s intellectual hotspots for nothing! We’re going to make one!

Oxfordshire Artweeks, the giant visual arts festival that takes place across the county each spring, has decided to bring the sea to the heart of the Dreaming Spires with Oxford’s Sea View, a exhibition by leading county artists who take their inspiration at the edges of this island. In that way, they will bring the the coast, in its many guises, back to our rural idyll in the middle of England.




7th April 2015 - 29th April 2015

Sophie Symes’ art jewellery pieces are created by combining a diverse collection of ideas and imaginings. Drawing inspiration from her wild rural Worcestershire surroundings and combining this with her love for surrealism and fairytales and their escapist connotations, Sophie makes pieces of wearable sculpture using alternative materials.


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