'These Drifting Days'

23rd November - 09 January 2022 
Extended to the 20th February

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"Patterns of light, a feeling of stillness and space are key inspirations for me.  I paint from personal experience and from moments in my life. My aim is always for simplicity - to edit out the unnecessary details and capture the essence of what has first moved me. Sometimes I paint rapidly and expressively, other times I use careful and considered strokes. I am not trying to say anything big or grand with my work - I just want to make paintings that feel good and right to me, and to allow this sense of what feels 'good' and 'right' to evolve over time."


Colour, design and a sense of space are central to the work of oil painter, Stacey Gledhill. Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, Stacey moved to the UK in 2010 to pursue a classical atelier education in drawing and painting in London. She paints figures, landscapes, moments - from life and imagination, honouring art history and in particular the work of the 20th century painters - , to create paintings that are at once intimate and bold, timeless and contemporary. 

 She lives and works in Oxford, UK. Alongside her painting practise, she teaches oil painting workshops and private classes. 

Stacey Detail 1.jpg
Stacey Detail 1.jpg