22nd February 2022
17th April 2022

Boiler Room Gallery space

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A Collection of paintings by contemporary local artist, Chantal Krugel


This exhibition is an embodiment of the inward journey taken during the pause in life created by the covid lockdown. The water paintings explore the feeling of being suspended in silence, held by my anxiety. While the fire paintings explore the creation ignited in my mania.


In the quest to find balance between static and motion, between expanse and confinement, I found understanding through the exploration of the divine feminine and sisterhood. In this space I was able to find strength and self acceptance. 


These paintings are a celebration of what it means to feel different, to shine your own unique light in the world.


I believe art is the cure.

I light a fire everytime I paint, it gets me in an almost meditative state. 

I also love to use recycled art and canvases to create, it takes on a life of its own, shaped and molded by what came before. During this time I feel connected and in a place where I can let all my feelings and thoughts out onto a canvas, transforming what was once loved to something that is loved again. 


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