Bar Snacks

Our Houmous and spiced nachos Vegan and gluten free   £5.20

Olives  Vegan and gluten free   £3.80

Sourdough and oils  Vegan  £3.60



Roasted pepper, tomato, garlic, rosemary, vegan cheese   Vegan £7.20

Soup of the day   Vegan  £6.50

Blanched asparagus, poached egg  Vegetarian and gluten free  £7.00

Crispy calamari, lemon and chive mayonnaise, rocket salad  £8.20

Fig, pomegranate and beetroot salad, chilli dressing  Vegan and gluten free   £6.80

Pork and chorizo scotch egg, Mum’s chutney and dressed rocket  £7.20



Roasted butternut squash, spinach and tomato risotto  Vegan and gluten free  £12.50

Pan fried sea trout and Sicilian vegetable tagliatelle, sweet chilli dressing    £17.50

Bavette steak,  roasted mushroom, tomato, dressed watercress, chimichurri and fries   £17.00



7oz Beef burger, caramelised onions, gherkin, fries and coleslaw   £13.50

Plant burger, chickpea, sweet potato, spinach, avocado, fries and coleslaw Vegan   £12.00

Grilled chicken burger, tomato, lettuce, sweet chili mayonnaise   £14.00


Burger extras
Bacon  £2   •  Vegan cheese  £2    •   Extra 7oz beef pattie  £4   •   Avocado  £2   •   Spinach £1.50 


Green lentil and toasted cracked chickpea salad,  mustard dressing  Vegan and gluten free    £12.00

Tenderstem and green bean salad, chilli dressing  Vegan and gluten free    £13.00

Falafel and roasted sweet potato salad,  yoghurt dip  Vegan and gluten free   £12.00


Add to your salad

Calamari  £3.50  •  avocado  £2   •  Grilled chicken



Fries    £3.50

Garden salad      £3.50

Pan fried tenderstem broccoli    £5.00


Sandwiches & Wraps  Lunch Times Monday to Saturday


Smoked salmon, cucumber and avocado on sourdough   £7.80

Minute steak, wholegrain mustard, horseradish and crispy onions on sourdough   £8.00

Falafel and avocado wrap, beetroot, hummus, pickled cabbage, chilli and lime dressing  Vegan   £6.80

Chicken and hummus wrap, rocket, tomato, chilli and lime dressing   £7.50


Add a cup o soup  £3  •  Add skin on fries  £3 




Passion fruit and coconut pannacotta     Vegan and gluten free    £6.80

Judes ice cream Vegan and gluten free    £2.50


Please inform us of any allergens or intolerances. Not all ingredients have been listed.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee 100% nut free. Our food may contain traces of nuts.

A service charge of 10% will be added to the final bill amount for up to 10 guests and 12.5% above 10.