Introducing Jazz at the Jam Factory

We are very pleased to be hosting Steve Waterman & The Spin Trio!

26th August Thursday 2021 at 7pm

'The Spin' is a club that presents live music of the highest calibre within a broad ‘contemporary jazz’ genre. By this, we mean that whoever we put on will have an energy and spark that will be compelling to listen to – very much including to those who might have the view that they ‘don’t like jazz’!

The Spin began with its first gig on May 13th 1999. The house band of Pete Oxley (gt.) Raph Mizraki (bass) and Mark Doffman (drums) remained more or less constant for 20 years – and in the same venue for that duration (upstairs, above the Wheatsheaf pub in Oxford). The opening guest on that auspicious night was the great guitarist, John Etheridge.

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