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Cinema under the stairs


21st August to 30th September 2019

Cinema under the stairs

Oxford underground cinema club ‘Cinema Under the Stairs’ is made up of a group of self-described ‘odd Dads from Botley’ operating monthly ritual screenings for local film lovers from the city’s most interesting venues. From late August The Jam Factory will join the mix, with an exhibition of the club’s most iconic posters, and monthly screenings in our Boiler Room Gallery, where Frank Cooper used to boil his world-famous marmalade.

Illustrator and graphic designer Salvador Lavado digitally illustrates each poster in one sitting over the course of an evening. The artist describes them as ‘honest, undiluted and a little rough around the edges. Like CUTS, like my friends.’

Enjoy them yourself with a cold pint in hand at The Jam Factory until 30th September, and keep your eyes peeled for edgy CUTS screenings!

Tickets to film screenings here:

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