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Claire Howlett


1st June - 27 June 2016

Claire Howlett

Claire's initial inspiration is derived from the mainly natural world- a tone of light, a tumultuous sea, an early morning walk, sometimes joy or melancholy, a mood.

Claire follows the emotion created when applying paint, letting the painting evolve, intuitive more than planned. The paintings can take days or weeks to complete.

The aim is to capture the evocative elements that can transcend the materialistic and harsh world we can find ourselves in today and transport the viewer to a perhaps more spiritual place.

The paintings are mostly acrylic and mixed media on board or canvas.

Van Gogh mentioned that he strived to capture the ‘eternity’ of things. I emphasise with this statement.

The Artist is inspired by the work of Turner, Rothko, Maggie Hambling and Joan Eardley amongst others.

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