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Dorothy Megaw


Dorothy Megaw

Dorothy’s paintings probe the theme of endings, they promise to please the eye and intrigue the mind. Each of the 13 paintings and their associated tales will ensure that the curiosity of the viewer leads them through the space.

Dorothy Megaw is a local Oxfordshire artist and Market Trader. She can be found most Thursdays and Saturdays selling art on her stall at Gloucester Green.

Oxford Gothic is a group of thirteen paintings and thirteen written responses which explore the twists and turns of human endeavour. The body of work is inspired by endings: the death of a loved one, the cessation of a habit, a change in the way of seeing, feeling or being. Each stroke creates character and characterisation develops into relationships. Colour palettes become raging harbingers of doom or understated acts of glory. With the silent adding of an eye, the removal of a comma, the horror of the Gothic explodes and the theatre of storytelling begins.

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