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Elaine Allender


Elaine Allender

Elaine Allender is an Oxford-based artist who is inspired by the natural world.  Self-taught, Elaine is interested in the use of colour and texture, building up her paintings in many layers.

Inspired by years of designing, planting and nurturing gardens, she captures the essence of her flowers and landscapes with mark making in a loose, non-representational style.

‘I’m not interested in the strictures of botanical drawing, rather the feeling that the scene inspires in me.’

As well as her impressionist meadow paintings, Elaine often works with mixed media on canvas to create bold, densely textured flower works in a semi-abstract style. 

She has previously exhibited in Oxford, Sussex, Worcestershire and Leicestershire and her paintings have found homes in private collections in France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Greece, the UAE, the USA and Australia, as well as throughout the UK.

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