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Elaine Kazimierczuk, Julie-Ann Simpson & Rosie Phipps


31st July to 23rd September 2019

Elaine Kazimierczuk, Julie-Ann Simpson & Rosie Phipps

The dreamy botanical scenes of a Midsummer Night’s Dream can be found here amongst The Jam Factory's many resident plants.

Scottish painter Julie-Ann Simpson joins Oxford’s own artists Elaine Kazimierczuk and Rosie Phipps to bring us fanciful, bright paintings of flowers and plant life in the unique personal styles of each artist. United by their summery colour palettes and playful experiments with perspective, the works are full of energy yet calm, otherworldly yet vivid, and harmonious yet striking. Each work embodies the sheer joy of a beautiful summer’s day coming to a close.. Be lulled by these flowers with a gin in hand, at The Jam Factory until 23rd September.

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