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Elena Cremona


Elena Cremona

The content of Elena Cremona’s work centres on environmental and landscape coverage, as well as social-documentary photography: bringing the issues which surround Climate Change into focus. ‘Uncertain States’ is a reminder of our fragile Earth, a homage to Mother Earth, and, she hopes, ‘an appreciation to the core elements which make up our beautiful planet’. 

Elena uses her photographic work as a tool to allow her to understand better, let go of the past and create a sense of awareness and respect for our irreplaceable landscapes. In doing so, she attempts to challenge the mind of society, and to evoke an emotional and tactile connection between humanity and nature. 

Elena admits that she finds it hard to understand life and society, to make sense of it all, to make sense of the system we are born into; a system she considers driven by power, money and exploitation, and where greed seems to be put above the wellbeing of our planet. Considering this, she asserts, ‘society is ignorance, but nature is bliss’.

The emotions linked to her memory constantly fade. The inspiration of these emotions is what leads Elena to the act of photography, with each photograph being as unique as the memory that inspired it. The consequence of her creative process disrupts, makes conscious and redraws invisible lines. Thus, she is reminded that though life moves forward and leaves behind memories, through her art she is making sense and creating permanence with her memories if the photographs she takes.

Elena Cremona’s unique photographs are hand-printed in a colour darkroom. In this exhibition, the viewer is invited to share in her uncertain states and vulnerabilities, through her photographs of seemingly untouched corners of Earth. 

Her solo exhibition ‘Uncertain States’  will show selected series’ of environmental and landscape documentary photography in the Restaurant Gallery until 8 January.

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