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Jake Elwes, Sofia Crespo & Helena Sarin


3rd September to 14th October 2019

Jake Elwes, Sofia Crespo & Helena Sarin

University of Oxford, Oxford University Innovation & The Jam Factory present 'Learning Nature: A machine's exploration of our world'

Applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are now widespread throughout our lives. Recommendation systems suggest us new products to buy, facial recognition checks our identity at the airport gate and voice recognition systems power our conversations with Alexa.

The visual arts are no different - a number of artists are now exploring the creative potential of these AI techniques to evolve their artistic practice and test the limits of the technology. This group exhibition at The Jam Factory sees Helena Sarin, Sofia Crespo and Jake Elwes tackle the theme of nature with AI technology, reinterpreting flower still lives, inventing new types of sea creatures and generating images of marsh birds for display in a tidal landscape.

The exhibition is part of AI@Oxford, The University of Oxford’s first major international conference on Artificial Intelligence. Imagine the future of art in the setting of a Victorian factory turned gallery, with 'Learning Nature: A machine's exploration of our world' at The Jam Factory until 14th October.

Curated by Luba Elliott

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