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Jessie Woodward


13th November to 5th January 2020

Jessie Woodward

Bristol based artist Jessie Woodward is an abstract painter using mixed media to explore the concept of spontaneity in her practice. Bright, fun and experimental, the body of work to be exhibited at The Jam Factory generates visual energetic joy and pleasure through the use of unusual materials and techniques. Lively compositions of fluorescent paints, glitter and various drawing materials dance with each other on white factory walls, inviting us to join the party this festive season.

Woodward improvises in response to the dynamics created when colours in different marks, textures and ratios are set with and against each other. The process is an intrinsic part of the painting, scratching into paint, layering, adding and taking away, to make each piece vividly unique. Surround yourself with positive energy at The Jam Factory this winter, with ‘Original Works by Jessie Woodward’.

Curated by Eleanor Monk

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