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Kirsten Jones


27th October to May 2021

Kirsten Jones

Vibrant artworks created in the local area, each artwork with its own story including 'Love Oxford' - 

This piece captures the essence of our famous City including well known features alongside hidden gems and secret stories. Famous landmarks such as The Bodleian Library and facade, The Ashmolean Museum, Turl Street, the Radcliffe Camera and Oxford Castle, punts and The Bridge of Sighs to name a few. 

 The piece includes references to the town crest and Nuffield Crest along with pub signs for ‘The Bird and Baby’, ‘The Grapes’ and ‘The Lamb and Flag’ amongst others. Places from other towns along the Thames are hidden and ink studies of the spires and the crests of the Oxford Colleges. 


Familiar features of this culturally diverse and surprising city are placed along with nature, patterns, signs and motifs I spotted on my journeys in and around... not forgetting, of course.. a bicycle!

Curated by Phillip Jones

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