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Kyounghee Lee


14th July to 9th August 2016

Kyounghee Lee

Technology evokes technology to become anachronistic and obsolete. Thus, technology is slated for being obsolete. Nowadays, old-fashion machines are no longer object of desire for us; they are no longer seen as technology and indeed, are barely even seen as objects of recognition, and became just anachronistic or nostalgic. Therefore, they are now related to the past, no longer a thing of the present or future.

However, if so, it seems that anachronism is about being in different ways a sort of paradoxical being in time. This is because everything of anachronism is ‘In’ the present, and ‘Of’ the present. Therefore, the paradoxical beings of anachronism belong to the present but are “not ‘there’ in” the present; they belong to the past but maybe to the future – the past is not just the past but it exists in the present – so the past has present. 

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