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Lee Hiom Design


29th October 2018 to 4th November 2018

Lee Hiom Design

This week it's CIDERFEST at the Jam Factory and we are celebrating local cider crafted by the Cotswold Cider Company by featuring our pick of the best seasonal cider on offer from fruit-infused, chai spiced, and even some with freaky Halloweeny feel. We are also exhibiting some frightfully brilliant brand artwork created by Lee Hiom Design in collaboration with Cotswold Cider Co-founder and cider maker Rory Souter.


Inspired by popular culture, their intention was to create unique, playful cider experience built on stories intrinsically linked to the cider inside, experiences that would force a reappraisal of cider - a noble drink with a bad rep.

CIDERFEST runs all week ending with a big ol' CIDERJAM 'hoedown' on Sunday November 4th.

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