Life Enhancing - Power of the Human Form II

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Life Enhancing - Power of the Human Form II

Life Enhancing is a group of artists active in life drawing. We believe the art produced in life sessions has a special power and freshness that conventional nudes lack. 

In this exhibition at the Jam Factory, ten talented artists will be showing life drawings and paintings on the theme of the 'Power of the Human Form'. Most of the work will be available to buy as originals or limited edition prints. All the artists have exhibited widely before and include professional illustrators, a film animator, tutors, committed amateurs and an art degree student. The media used range from watercolour and pastel to charcoal and collage. 

While the styles vary, all the images have the immediacy that comes from drawing from a live model and capture the moment of that human contact. 

Life Enhancing was created by a life model, Dermot, who really liked many of the drawings that were produced in life classes and thought other people might too. He collaborated with a tutor, Stewart, to launch the Life Enhancing online gallery in June 2016 which sells original life art and limited edition prints. Around ten artists are represented, many of them art tutors. The group is centred around Buckinghamshire. This is our second exhibition.