27th February to 16th April 2019


Who are the LiterArties? The clue must be in the name. Comprised entirely of published authors, LiterArties are a group of writer-artists stemming from the Writers in Oxford society, which is championed by Phillip Pullman. In only their first year of exhibiting, they have six exhibitions lined up in and around Oxfordshire that merge colour and form with word, the first of which is coming to The Jam Factory on the 27th of February 2019. Made up of Karen French, Debrah Martin, Alan Kestner, Kamal Lathar, Rosie Phipps, Kay Jamieson, Maeve Bayton, Ann Warren and Dennis Hamley, the unique LiterArties debut exhibition is one to be sure not to miss.

As both writers and artists, LiterArties seek to encourage multi-dimensional creativity by writing, painting, visualising and understanding – in both imagination and general perception. As a diverse sub-group of Writers in Oxford, they soon found a common vision: to encourage others to develop their own creativity. Interactive talks and workshops are an integral part of the exhibition model, bringing artistic inspiration to the local community with several events displayed on The Jam Factory website.

In the words of the artists, “Come and join in the story. Come and create the next image. Come and be carried away by your own creativity…”