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Marcelina Amelia


19th October - 21st November 2017

Marcelina Amelia

Marcelina Amelia is a contemporary artist, working with mixed media approaches to print, painting and drawing. Amelia draws inspiration from her Polish heritage, looking to religious iconography and folk tales, as well as childhood memories, the power of dreams, sexuality, and the human condition. Her work plays at the tense borders between lust and innocence, creating an uneasy aesthetic that is delightfully difficult to pin down. Looking to the triangular relationship between cities, the natural world, and human involvement, Amelia’s work is saturated with contemplation and profundity, which is expressed in the beauty of her aesthetic. She has been featured in publications including Booooooom, Digital Arts, Art Wednesday, Vogue and Ballad Of Magazine. She exhibited at D&AD, New Designers, London Design Festival, London Illustration Fair and took part in Faberge’s Big Egg Hunt. You can find her work in Print Club London, Art Republic, Atom Gallery in London, and in Bohema Nowa Sztuka, Pragaleria and Polish Poster Gallery in Poland.

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