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Matthew Davies, Miriam Ortega Dominguez


2nd June - 12 July 2016

Matthew Davies,  Miriam Ortega Dominguez

Matthew Davies

Matthew Davies is an Oxford based mixed media Artist and Industrial product designer. His works spans a variety of different disciplines including illustration, painting, sculpture, model making and computer generated art. He has most recently been commissioned a large abstract sculpture as part of the Hove Plinth project on Brighton sea front and has historically had his sculptural design exhibited at Chelsea Flower show and other international exhibitions. His most recent collection “Electric Canvas” explores the use of digital illustration software to emulate the look and feel of acrylic and oil painting techniques and the freedom of editable colour and scale and texture.

Miriam Ortega Dominguez 

The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.

-Alberto Giacometti

A Spanish/American Artist, now based in Oxford who’s art is inspired by the ever-changing emotional and physical landscape of her childhood; recreating colours and moods she experienced growing up in parts of Asia, South America, Europe and then settling down in the USA as an adult.

She earned her degree in Applied Science of Drafting and Design and then went on to study Art at the Southwest School Of Arts in San Antonio Texas.

This current collection is a compilation of selected pieces from two collections; Lonely Skylines and a Nude Study.

Included in this exhibit is the painting titled “Rainfall Silence” for which she was awarded the President's Donor Award by the San Antonio Art Museum.

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