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Natalia Kutsepova


30th August 2018 - 30th October 2018

Natalia Kutsepova

Photography by Natalia Kutsepova "See how a man is doing a thing. You will then be in a position to see what he is really trying to do." - Idries Shah, "Reflections", 1968 "Endeavourneverland" is a set of photographs taken in Oxford in the fall of 2017 during the filming of ITV's "Endeavour" series. Why look in? Art and people that captivate us can turn our love into a demanding verb: to make sense of why "Endeavour" affected me like it did, I took my camera - an eye, a translator - and went to Oxford. The making of a thing is as important as the thing itself; observing the process of making reveals, more often than not, what might not be seen otherwise. Each a fleeting, just barely captured moment, these images are neither quite reality nor yet fiction, indeed a neverland - felt, but rarely observed territories between Oxford of half a century ago and the city we know, between the time of the story and now, between the actors and the characters they inhabit, between the characters and ourselves. The photographs are an attempt to take the in-betweens from ineffable to visible. How we perceive and use a story is unique to our set of needs and capabilities; through my lens, the visual language of the process was very clear - crime-solving plots aside, "Endeavour" is a teaching story: non-didactic yet very insistent, if not harsh, in pointing the viewer inward, to a more aware self. It's exactly in the in-betweens, quietly, that its most important tasks are accomplished. Others might read the images differently and disagree, but art is as much about the joy of commonality as it's about differences - each of us has a neverland, and yet we sail in each other's seas. With warmth, to Shaun Evans and Nina Kharchenko. With gratitude, to the creators, cast and crew of "Endeavour".

With very special thanks, to Katrin Dahlmann and the "Endeavour" community of Twitter and Facebook.
Twitter: @te_angeli
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