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Rebecca Gilpin


30th October 2018 to 8th January 2019

Rebecca Gilpin

This exhibition is open from the 30th October 2018 - 8th January 2019, in our Resturant Gallery.
Rebecca Gilpin, otherwise known as Bex is a painter originally from London, now living and studying in heart of Oxford. 

Rebecca paints because she enjoys being immersed in the pleasure of the physicality of the medium. As a musician (bass player) she tries to keep with her medium of sound, in a way that means the colour and scale of the work somehow reflects the acoustic dimension of her world. Colour and its impact live with her. As someone for whom every day is a journey, through a jumble of colour, sound and the sensibilities of communication 
Rebecca wants her work to bring energy and joy to others. 

Her work aims to provoke the same sensations that listening to powerful music and evoke. 

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