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Simon East


19th July to 29th August 2018

Simon East

Simon East is an Oxford-based painter and printmaker working with various themes, and using styles both figurative and abstract. He has exhibited in numerous shows in and around Oxford, led linocut workshops, and has taken part in Sky TV’s Landscape Artist of the Year “paint-off” competition.

The current exhibition includes works from the different phases, styles and mediums of Simon’s career so far. With his large abstract canvases, Simon builds up multiple layers of paint and texture mediums in order to evoke a rich sense of texture and depth and absorb the observer fully into the aesthetic experience. With his figurative work he seeks to abstract or distil the subject matter so as to provoke a compelling new perspective on it. Simon currently accepts commissions in abstract pouring art.

He is an exhibiting member of the Oxford Printmakers’ Co-operative on Tyndale Road, has recently completed a novel, and is also a molecular biology PhD and neuroscience tutor at Oxford University.

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