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The Arts Team


14th January to 1st March

The Arts Team

Sebastian Volak | Oliver Shrieve | Hannah Ross | Lea Bozic | Andres Nava | Siân Klein | Rebekah Whittingham | Zoe Harding
In this first of its kind event, the interns come together to showcase their mixed palette of skills, driven by a single shared passion. 'UNSEEN' brings to light the seldom-seen work of those who spend their time behind the scenes of the popular exhibitions at the Jam Factory.

Displaying a diverse array of disciplines ranging from photography to mixed media to 19th-century drawing, 'UNSEEN' is as much a collage of talents and interests as it is a representation of the vibrancy of modern art. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the best of the best of The Jam Factory’s Arts Team.

Curated by the artists, supported by Eleanor Monk.

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