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One Week only - 12 July to the 18th July

For one week only we will be offering 20% off the marked price of McSHOESUE's original artwork.

We are currently exhibiting a selection of the work by emerging artist Sue - A really good opportunity to add to your collection!

Sue is a self taught, energetic local artist who previously worked with homeless people and refugees.  The care and support Sue has shown throughout is reflected  in her work.  The exhibition is a series of pen and ink illustrations, portraying intricate city scapes.

Mcshoesue 20% off promo 3.jpg
Sue smith exhibition 4.jpg
Mcshoesue 20% off promo.jpg

McSHOESUE is a featured artist from Oxford Artweeks.

You can see the work up on our walls in our front gallery Wednesday to Sunday.  The Gallery is free to enter and everyone is welcome

The Exhibition runs from 19th May to 25th July

The week of discount is only from the 12th to the 18th July - Original artwork only / Prints are not included in the offer.

If you would like to purchase or discuss any of the artwork please contact the gallery -

or speak with one of our friendly staff in house.


Awards Open Arts

1st JULY 2021

Our Annual Open Arts Exhibition 2021.  Every year we invite Photographers, designers, visual artists to submit their artwork to participate in a group show which celebrates the talent that Oxford and surrounding areas has to offer.  

This year we showcased 47 artworks.  


This is one of the strongest Open art shows we have curated and are proud of the hard work which the artists as well as the gallery team have put into this.  We also feel it is important to note that this is one of the first exhibition to open in Oxford this year.  The Jam Factory is proud to play host to these talented visual artists

Open arts Exhibition with judges - Deputy mayor Oxford in center.jpg


On 1st of July we had an event - inviting a panel of judges to review the artwork and award 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th  and 5th place.

We had seven judges - each awarding points.

Mita Vaghela  -  Head of Ovada

Daniella Battigelli  -  Photo Oxford Festival Director

Anthony Gardner  -  Head of Ruskin 2017 - 2020

Jonathan Shapley  -  Previous winner of the Open Arts 2019

Tamsin Evans  -  Head of Blackwell's Art & Poster shop

Phillip Jones  -  Head of Arts - Jam Factory Gallery

Steven Goddard  -  Deputy Mayor of Oxford

Open Arts Exhibition with panal of judges.jpg


1st Place - Arpan             ’The Ring’        Photography

2nd place - Lola Tartakover     ‘Quarantine Walks’    Illustration

3rd place - Francesca Provenzano    ‘Minimal Mist’    Photography

4th Pace - Annie Guest         ‘Can’t Live without you’     Cyanotype with gold leaf

5th place - Julia Thaxton        ‘Flood’        Oil painting

1st Place - The Ring' Arpan.jpg


'The Ring'



16 Detail 'Quarentine Walks, The Longkang Series, Malaysia No.2' Lola Tartakover.jpg


'Quarantine walks'


By Lola Tartakover

3rd Place - 'Minimal Mist' Francesca Provenzano .jpg


'Minimal Mist'


By Francesca Provenzano

4th Place - 'Can't Live Without You' Anne Guest.jpg


'Can't Live Without You'

Cyanotype & Goldleaf print

By Anne Guest

Flood - Julia Thaxton.jpg



Acrylic, ink and watercolour

By Julia Thaxton

Emerging artist 'Perspective City' Daniella Jones.jpg


'Perspective City'

Pen & watercolour

By Daniella Jones

The Open Arts Exhibition is on until the 26th July, all work is available to buy - if you would like to own award winning artwork contact the gallery -

The gallery is currently open Wednesday to Sunday and is free to enter

Special Thanks to Broad Canvas and Blackwell's Art and Poster shop for supporting the exhibition

To see all the artwork, click on the link below





My paintings are open-ended responses to the beauty and imperfection I find within the contemporary world – I’m interested in creating unstable compositions – arrangements which perhaps “only just work” and which are maybe close to collapse, whilst simultaneously incorporating playful, and at times slapstick elements...."Are we having fun?" the works might be asking.


My pieces are generally painted on board or wood panels – I often build paintings from separate panels which are arranged and re-arranged during the process until I feel the composition works. Using separate elements and being open to change during the making process is an important strategy for me and helps keep possibilities open.

Jeremy Morgan in studio 2.jpg
14 'Stacker OA' Jeremy Morgan.jpg
Jeremy Morgan in Studio.jpg

I’m a painter and graphic designer, living and working in Oxford, UK. Dividing my creative output between design and an evolving contemporary artist practice, my design background has influenced the development of my visual language. I often get my best ideas when out running in the countryside around Oxford – I find the natural environment and the near-meditative physical act of running are the perfect physical and mental space in which ideas flow.

Jeremy is currently exhibiting in the Jam Factory gallery in our Open exhibition.


Lee Riley

Featured in our Open Art Exhibition 2021, Lee Riley creates paintings that are crafted with layers of colour and texture and are what he calls ‘Colour Abstractions'. Being an experimental music artist and producer, many of his paintings are responses to music. Layers of paint emerge and dance on the  canvas, similar to multi layered music featuring different layers of sounds or instrumentation.


Lee Riley has a visually creative background in the arts, studying graphic design and photography to BA (Hons) and HNC level. In 2012, he completed his Masters in Composition and Sonic Art at Oxford Brookes, and since then has rediscovered his interest in painting and printmaking which has led to the ‘Colour Abstractions' paintings he works on today.

Lee’s paintings begin from a loose and free-flowing starting point, each painting creating its own symphony, like in free improvisation. The outcome can take a few hours or days and paintings are often revisited by adding fresh layers of paint to add depth within the colours and composition. 

Our Open Art Exhibition featured art work, ‘Colour In Mind’, was made over several days in June 2020. The painting shows a vibrant use of colour and depth, in relation to the layers of sound often found in Riley’s “drone soundscape” music works.

47 'Colour in Mind' Lee Riley.jpg

Lee's work can be found  at The Jam Factory's Annual Open Arts exhibition  in our Large Gallery 19th May to 26th

Polly Rose


Polly Rose Pincott is a portrait artist, originally from Hertfordshire now working and living in Oxfordshire. 

Since completing a Fine Art BA Hons Degree she has specialised in creating portraits in a variety of media, predominantly working with black and white tones in charcoal and pencil. 

Her more recent practice has been exploring a long lost love of oil paint and experimenting with colour and skin tones in a more vibrant, energetic style.

Polly Rose (1).jpeg
31  Detail 'Athena' Polly Pincott.jpeg

Polly Rose is featured in The Jam Factory's Annual Open Arts exhibition and made a impact with her work 'Athena'.  You can see the outstanding work in our Large Gallery 19th May to 26th

Damien French


Damien French, a young, emerging artist, is currently exhibiting in our Open Arts Exhibition 2021, featuring his vibrant gouache painting titled ‘Stem the Growth’. Damien’s art practice came from a love of bright, vivid colours. Gouache is a staple is Damiens process. Freelance artist/ illustrator Damien creates colourful gouache paintings stemming from his love for plants and colour theory. These contrasting plant paintings, simple in colour and tone, are emblematic of pop art and David Hockney’s signature vibrant palette of greens and yellows. 

studio_desk area edit.jpg
Damien French square.jpg

Tell us a little about yourself and your practice

Hey i'm Damien a freelance artist/illustrator who creates colourful gouache paintings, i have a love for plants as well as colour theory, so i decided to merge the two. Creating contrasting plant paintings, I'm so used to working in a small A5 sketchbook so I like to challenge myself to work bigger sometimes. 

My art practice came about from just loving such bright vivid colours, that's when I discovered Turner acryl gouache, i've used so many different types of medium within my art journey. However gouache is my staple now, it's the paint I reach for whenever I want to be creative. I am just a very creative soul, even when I was little I would always be drawing or scribbling on my parents walls with a crayon.

damien french.jpeg
studio desk set up.jpg

See Damien's artwork in our gallery as part of our Open Arts Exhibition  

19th May to 26 July

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