24th August - 17th October 2021

Lola Tartakover.jpg
16 Detail 'Quarentine Walks, The Longkang Series, Malaysia No.2' Lola Tartakover.jpg


Whilst living in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, and during the recent quarantine period, Lola would take walks around her neighbourhood every day. She started to notice intriguing features of the landscape which seemed to be entirely overlooked and became fascinated by the drains (Longkang). These open drains form points of collision between man-made and natural systems, they are pivotal in shaping the layout of the built structures around them and in creating a hub for natural ecosystems to expand. The wealth of activity within the pieces highlights the sheer amount of ecology that resides in a single neighbourhood block and the beauty within these seemingly mundane landscapes. 

Lola Tartakover was awarded Second place in The Oxford Open Art competition in 2021 

A contemporary illustrator and one to watch - One of the top emerging artists to come out of Oxford

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