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In my abstract painting I aim to walk a precarious but playful path along boundaries: between instability and balance, digital and analogue, flat and spatial, calamitous and comedic. I’m looking for responses to the here-and-now using an ancient technology: paint.


My design background has influenced the development of my visual language, which seeks to marry dynamism and friction with the beauty and imperfection of the contemporary world. My pieces are generally painted on board or wood panels – I often recycle off-cuts from carpentry projects. The arbitrary dimensions of these inherited materials and their refusal to conform to any kind of rational grid sets up a 'compositional problem' and acts to drive the work towards a 'solution'.


My work has a relationship to the Modernist aesthetics of the early 20th Century – however the purity of geometry associated with the ideals of that movement has given way to something which is by turns fractured, unstable and playful…something which is mixed with the trappings and detritus of contemporary culture: digital games, architecture, ai, graphics, the automated production line…


Though my work has a strong sense of discordancy and instability within it which could, in other circumstances suggest a technological break-down, my aim is to retain ambiguity as to whether events within the picture are cataclysmic or are playful – perhaps kindred to slapstick comedy. My work is open ended – things could go either way.