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1st March - 24th April 2022

In the Restaurant Gallery

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This exhibitions comprises my older hand screen printed designs with my most recent digitally printed illustrations. I wanted to express my style and how it has evolved through the past few years of my life. There are varied moods, feelings and sounds behind the work in this exhibition. I am heavily influenced by the energies in the people and characters I meet. I think of characters and music being very intertwined. When I illustrate a person or scene I often imagine the sounds, beats and melodies that come to mind and take the illustration from there.


Millie Baker is a freelance illustrator based here in Oxford. She graduated with a degree in Printed Textiles from Winchester School of Art in 2019 and has since developed from screen printing into digital illustration. 


She finds inspiration in the fusion of shapes and compositions in the people and culture around her, focusing on the current thoughts, issues and trends to visually represent our modern world.


She combines bold, harmonious colour palettes with carefully constructed compositions. Her work often surrounds the topics of food, people and everyday objects.


She is currently working on editorial and personal commissions. 


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