We will have our doors open Sunday 10am to 4pm September 12th 


The Jam Factory are proud to be part of this years Open Doors program 2021

Open doors have selected a number of buildings and green spaces for the public to visit and the Jam Factory has been chosen due to its rather interesting history.  The Building was designed by Herbert Quinton and built by long established building company Kingerlee.  Oranges were brought in via our outdoor terrace  and boiled down in what we simply call the boiler room.  There were separate floors for cutting the oranges and putting the marmalade into the famous jars we know today.

This year's theme is "Oxford Re-Opens Doors".

Oxford Preservation trust began in 1927 and have been looking after Oxford since then.

" Our mission is simple but significant, to ensure that we are conserving the best of Oxford’s past and help create a positive future for our great City. We are lucky enough to care for acres of land in Oxford’s rural setting and world famous view, opening it up for everyone to enjoy. We conserve buildings from cottage to castle, our offices in the saved C17th cottages in St Ebbe’s, Shakespeare’s Painted Room, the restoration of Oxford Castle, and even a railway Swingbridge"


In celebration of Open doors and in effort to showcase some of the rich history of the Jam Factory and surrounding area there will be an exhibition of images, photos and words.

The Exhibition is sponsored by OxWED - Oxford West End Developement Ltd.

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