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(for adults)

Sunday 6th February 2022  •  FULLY BOOKED
10.30 to 12.00

A class open to all abilities.  We focus on creative, encouraging you mostly to draw plants on Sundays.  This class is for anyone who is looking for something nice to do on a Sunday morning.

The Jam Factory has a lovely atmosphere, the folk running the class are friendly and easy going. Students in this class will spend the time drawing.  Pencils on paper with a nice dash of colour.

Teaching is focused around your needs.  Kick back, enjoy some good coffee or a breakfast glass of fizz and try something a little different.  

What you will need

We'll be providing the materials

How to buy a ticket

You can buy a ticket online or pop in and you can buy a ticket at the bar.

Tickets on sale

Limited numbers

Now Fully booked.

There will be more art classes - keep an eye out

Questions and enquiries

Want some further information give us a call or email us

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