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Jo Lilywhite

'Lime light'



I started Artweeks pre-pandemic in 2019 and have taken part each year since. Whilst I love the solitude of painting, I also love to meet people and talk to them about art and why I paint what I do.  Artweeks is the perfect vehicle for this, as well as showcasing the diverse products of our creative community.
I am very grateful to have found Artweeks and this community of like minded people. It's an honor to participate for the first time in this fantastic event.

This will be my first time exhibiting with Oxfordshire Artweeks, I am excited to be part of such a great community arts festival. The Painting “Spring Flowers” is an example of my work on show during May.

2022 will be the second year that I have taken part in Artweeks. Last year I exhibited for 1 week with a group at Spice of Life pop up studio in Summertown.  I sold several pieces. I have chosen this piece because on the one hand it is symbolic - based on a 16th century interpretation from the Passion of Christ saying goodbye to his mother as he sets off for Jerusalem and on the other, I have abstracted it to give it a modern twist as all departures are in one way sad but there is hope for a new beginning. Art weeks have given me the confidence to take that leap and finally show my work.
Having only just moved to the area, I was very pleased to be given the opportunity to join Bicester Art Network as my first participation in Oxford Art Weeks. This group is exhibiting in Sheep Street, Bicester Town Centre
Apart from a few missing years, I have taken part in Artweeks since 1993, the year that Mary Moser came to visit my site, and she was pleased. Then, the original Artweeks' aim was to make art accessible to all: artists and viewers. One could not but be more pleasantly surprised to know that there was no selection to be part of it. I have to say, that having Artweeks every year has improved the standard of our work. I think that the fact that anyone can stop and visit, is an important element. Even the great Athenian sculptor Phidias in his workshop valued the passerby's comments by hiding behind a curtain and correcting soon afterwards the nose of his statue, which apparently was carved too long! 
This is my tenth year with Artweeks. Looking back, I couldn't have dreamed that I'd sell so many paintings, or that my studio would double as a gallery. My artistic effort has been transformed by teaming up with experienced professional artists and by the marketing push of the Artweeks organisation. With three venues and multiple local exhibitors, our small village is now on the creative map. I still paint for pleasure but also love the buzz of meeting exhibition visitors, new or regular, looking or buying.  
I have been in Artweeks 3 times and this is the first time in Oxford as I have recently moved to the area. Artweeks is such an exciting time when you get to meet so many lovely new people and a few old ones too. People are so enthusiastic and it's a great way to get art out to the general public. I love it.
I have been exhibiting with artweeks for six years. Artweeks was one of the first organisations that gave me a chance to exhibit my work. I love having visitors to my dye plant garden, where people can see my work in context and watch me at work. For me, artweeks means more than a chance to exhibit. There is also a fabulous brochure, great publicity, and a chance to meet fellow artists for inspiration and support.
Artweeks has opened doors for many artists wishing to exhibit no matter the calibre of their work. They work hard finding solutions to different issues including many IT problems we all encounter. I have exhibited with Artweeks for a good many years in different locations and venues going back to 2007  which is a few years indeed. It has been one way for me to show my artwork to a bigger audience. I look forward to another exhibiting with them. 

My first Artweeks was in 1990 when I was still an art student taking part in a group show. I have continuously shown as a solo artist in Thame since 2010 when I became I full time artist again. Artweeks has been the main focus for me to show my work during that time & getting direct feedback from the people who come to view & sometimes buy my paintings is deeply appreciated, especially when they return year after year.
It is so exciting to take part in the 40th anniversary!

“This is my first in-person Artweeks - I exhibited online in 2020 and 2021. Artweeks has spurred me to attempt more art, which has increased my confidence in my work. It’s a fantastically positive and encouraging community.”
I have had a long association with Artweeks as a visitor but this is my fourth year of taking part.  Through it I have met a lot of wonderful customers and made friends with a number of local artists.  It has been a wonderful way of buying, selling and meeting local artists and attaching a story to the purchase thereby making the piece more meaningful.
I have exhibited in Oxfordshire Artweeks since 1995 in several venues but mostly in my house and studio. I feel lucky to have the space to show a range of work, to meet and talk to many interested people and appreciate the opportunity this gives me, to continue working professionally.
Patsy took part in the early days of Artweeks for a couple of years and then had a large gap until retirement from paid work allowed more time for painting. She finds having a deadline helps to justify the time spent painting when house work calls.

Melissa has taken part in Oxfordshire Artweeks since 2014, and has loved being part of such an exciting, diverse and wide-ranging exhibition. Her work has developed over the years and she's met many wonderful people during artweeks. She now has her work in collections around the world. Mixed media is now becoming a major part of her practice, as she enjoys the challenge of using a variety of materials and techniques in each unique piece.
‘Out on the River’ is my first permanent painting on glass. Inspired by the opening chapter of Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. Mole abandons his spring-cleaning in search of Spring and finds the river for the first time.  This is my first year as a member of Artweeks. After months of painting gouache pictures on our windows at home during the Winter lockdown, I get to share my upcycled glass art in the real world. Welcome Spring! 
I started exhibiting with Oxfordshire Artweeks within the last five years. It is the most amazing way to meet a wide range of people, showcase your work and get invaluable feedback too. Long Live Artweeks!

This is my first time participating in the Oxfordshire Artweeks after having moved to the UK 2 years ago so I am very excited to be a part of this very arty community, through the Artweeks, both as artist and as an owner of the newly opened Forge Gallery at Wychwood in the beautiful Cotswold village, Ascott-under-Wychwood
This will be the second year that I have opened my studio in Watlington for Oxfordshire Artweeks. Last year it was a joy to meet so many great people. I am really looking forward to it again this year.
Oxfordshire Artweeks has a special place for all who take part and each event is a different experience. This is my 5th time as a participant and I look forward to meeting new people and sharing my creations.

This is my first year exhibiting physically at Artweeks, having enjoyed visiting Artweeks venues for over a decade. For me Artweeks is a fantastic opportunity to meet other artists, to share ideas and inspiration and to see homes, studios and public spaces overflowing with creativity and interesting conversations.  

This will be my 20th year of exhibiting my photographs in Artweeks. What does it mean to me? Exhibiting in Oxfordshire Artweeks is like being part of a large, enthusiastic family. Very diverse, accepting and exciting!
This is my second year exhibiting in Artweeks. Although footfall was reduced last year due to the weather and covid restrictions, as a new artist I found it a valuable experience to meet and talk to different people about my paintings. Putting on my first solo exhibition was a daunting undertaking, but the support from Artweeks was brilliant, and Esther and her team made it so much easier than me trying to do it alone.
: Exhibiting as an Artweeks member since 2018 at my own venue has enabled my art to reach a wider audience and it gives me great pleasure to meet visitors in person and talk about my prints and the processes involved in making them. It is a privilege to be part of a yearly show with the wider community of talented Oxfordshire artists.
"I have recently moved to Wolvercote and so I am very excited to be involved in the OAW for the first time. From my previous experience of similar events in Bristol, I know just how much such events can mean both to the participating artist and to the public who get a real sense of the creativity and energy that is around them. Ultimately these inspirational events build stronger communities - just what we need!"
'This is the third rime I have taken part in Artweeks as a painter, although I have also exhibited over 20 years ago with fused glass jewellery. Oxfordshire Artweeks is a shining example of how local artists can work together all over the county to share their work with the public,  celebrate the quality and diversity of their creativity and inspire others to do the same'

This is my first time exhibiting with Artweeks and I'm looking forward to showing people my take on the local towns and countryside. 

I have taken part in Artweeks almost every years since 2003.  I credit Artweeks with my continued commitment to making botanical images.  In the early years just knowing that I could exhibit in an open studio, non-judged setting enhanced my motivation to work and learn my craft.  I will always be thankful to Artweeks for the opportunity to get my work out there and for all the other artists and crafts people who take part and prove that there is impressive talent in Oxfordshire.

I’ve been part of Art Weeks since Watlington first became a venue in 2019. Since then it has become one big inclusive family of artists from a wide selection of artistic disciplines.
I have been exhibiting in AW for six years. Exhibiting adds to my understanding of my own work while also giving me the chance to cooperate with others and participate in a valuable programme. 
I have participated in Artweeks three times in the past 10 years. I find its inclusive, supportive, and enabling ethos very appropriate for the documentary work i present. It works for artists and just as important, it works for audiences - venues are accessible and  free and often the work is inspiring!"

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