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Damien French on vivid colours, the power of gouache and his love for plants

Damien French, a young, emerging artist, Previously exhibiting in our Open Arts Exhibition 2021, featuring his vibrant gouache painting titled ‘Stem the Growth’. Damien’s art practice came from a love of bright, vivid colours. Gouache is a staple is Damiens process. Freelance artist/ illustrator Damien creates colourful gouache paintings stemming from his love for plants and colour theory. These contrasting plant paintings, simple in colour and tone, are emblematic of pop art and David Hockney’s signature vibrant palette of greens and yellows.

Tell us a little about yourself and your practice

Hey i'm Damien a freelance artist/illustrator who creates colourful gouache paintings, i have a love for plants as well as colour theory, so i decided to merge the two. Creating contrasting plant paintings, I'm so used to working in a small A5 sketchbook so I like to challenge myself to work bigger sometimes.

My art practice came about from just loving such bright vivid colours, that's when I discovered Turner acrylic gouache, i've used so many different types of medium within my art journey. However gouache is my staple now, it's the paint I reach for whenever I want to be creative. I am just a very creative soul, even when I was little I would always be drawing or scribbling on my parents walls with a crayon.

Damien's Artwork was Exhibited in the Jam Factory's Open Art's show 2021

See more of Damiens colourful illustrations on his instagram @damiensillustration


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