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Jeremy Morgan on painting, Graphic design, combining the two and creating something on the edge of collapse

My paintings are open-ended responses to the beauty and imperfection I find within the contemporary world – I’m interested in creating unstable compositions – arrangements which perhaps “only just work” and which are maybe close to collapse, whilst simultaneously incorporating playful, and at times slapstick elements...."Are we having fun?" the works might be asking.

My pieces are generally painted on board or wood panels – I often build paintings from separate panels which are arranged and re-arranged during the process until I feel the composition works. Using separate elements and being open to change during the making process is an important strategy for me and helps keep possibilities open.

"I’m a painter and graphic designer, living and working in Oxford, UK. Dividing my creative output between design and an evolving contemporary artist practice, my design background has influenced the development of my visual language. I often get my best ideas when out running in the countryside around Oxford – I find the natural environment and the near-meditative physical act of running are the perfect physical and mental space in which ideas flow."

Jeremy is exhibited in the Jam Factory gallery in our Open exhibition 2021


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