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We spoke with Josie this week and talked about vibrant colours, moving studio and the importance of being outside

Hi Josie, how’s your day been?

It’s been a productive day! I’m currently in the process of having a studio built in the garden, courtesy of very talented family members. Today I was helping to cut and lay some roof tiles. We’re almost there with it and I can’t wait to set up my new space.

Do you prefer josie or Josephine?

Josie most of the time unless I need to be particularly professional lol

Your Artwork is very Botanical in nature, have you always been drawn to the plant kingdom?

Yes, I’ve always been interested in the natural world. I see the botanicals as zoomed-in sections of the landscape. The rich colours and curved shapes are a joy to paint.

After a turbulent year with restrictions, escapism is very on trend - has that affected your own art practice?

Yes and no. I try to keep a routine in the studio and make sure I go in whenever possible. Having said that, I also love to paint and sketch outside. I love to be immersed in dramatic landscapes, however since the lockdowns and exploring new walks, I now have a new appreciation for my local landscape too.

Have you always been drawn to vibrant colours?

Yes always! Even when I occasionally try and use a more neutral palette somehow it turns out really bright.

I’m always curious about other peoples art studios, what’s yours like?

I’m currently transitioning from my current space in Maidenhead to my new studio in Cholsey. The Maidenhead studio is an old retail unit in the shopping centre. It’s been my working space for almost 5 years but recent developments mean it’s due to be knocked down.

Any new projects in the pipeline?

Once the new studio is up and running, my plan is to look through my photographs and sketches from a recent trip to the lake district and create a more experimental body of work based of those.

I’m also really excited to get going on some new paintings for a group exhibition I’m taking part in next spring at The North Wall arts centre.

Lastly any advice to up and coming contemporary painters?

As an emerging artist myself, I’m still learning the best ways to get my work out there.

I think having a network of other artists and creatives is really important in terms of staying inspired and motivated; it’s always brilliant to get feedback on your work and it’s great to work together to create exhibition opportunities. Arts trails and local arts centres are good way to meet other artists.

Open exhibitions and competitions are also a great way to get your work out to a new audience, and it’s nice to have something to put on the CV! I’d recommend websites such as Artquest, CuratorSpace, A-N and ArtRabbit to find new opportunities.

Josie Clouting's work is on at the Jam Factory Gallery 28th July to 19th September in the Large and Small Gallery. 2021

Current Exhibition is called 'Plant House' and it's incredible

Written by Phillip Jones


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