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Sarah Wills-Brown is a UK based artist, with an MFA in Fine Art from Oxford Brookes University. Sarah’s multidisciplinary practice explores the transient dynamics of shadow within architectural environments and the symbolic and metaphorical narratives that these shadows can evoke within the individual. Sculptures and wall based abstract works evolve from her use of shadow shapes as a set of motifs, their surfaces enlivened by glimpses of colour, line, traces of material textures and pattern details. Combining hand drawn and digital elements, spray paint, collage and experimental printmaking, her works form a visual and sensory recollection of a physical presence in these spaces.


About the Work:

This digital drawing was based on photographs taken of shadows that form around some of the monumental buildings in Oxford’s city centre. Extracting the shadow shapes from my photographic documentation, they are used as a set of graphic motifs. Manipulated digitally they are combined with hand-printed and drawn details, generating spontaneous compositions which form a series of memories of the built environment as I have experienced it. Seen, sensed or remembered details are concealed or revealed within the shadows, suggesting the possibility of new and imagined space.