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27th JUNE to 7th AUGUST 2022

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Hyper-Kinetic: Exhibition.001 is a collection of generative artworks designed and programmed by David Woollard, inspired by shapes and patterns in the natural world.


Each theme in this collection is a result of intense exploration of a particular theory or concept, such as Newton's laws of motion, or Gaussian distribution. Each piece has been simulated on a digital canvas, and then fed to Stephen the Pen Robot, who draws it on paper with a pen.


One of the inspirations behind this exhibition is the idea that making art with a computer is, by its very nature, perfect and precise. I find this to be incredibly boring. I like using Stephen to render my artwork in the real world because the actual analog representation of it has imperfections and texture, and surprises.




A generative expression of PI along a bezier curve. The direction of the lines running along the curve are determined by something called linear interpolation. Their rotation goes from zero to PI, which means their direction changes by by 180 degrees along the curve.

Biro on 12" white paper.
Drawn by Stephen the Pen Robot. Programmed by Dave.


Hyper 15.jpg

A generative piece of art inspired by Newton’s Laws of Motion. Each piece starts as a perfect circle of points in space. I then use simulated gravity to pull these points towards different areas of the canvas and the resulting pattern is their journey through that space.

Biro on 12" white paper.
Drawn by Stephen the Pen Robot. Programmed by Dave.


hyper 2.jpg

A generative rocky landscape. The peaks and troughs of the mountain are determined using something called Gaussian Distribution. They are made by splitting a line into lots of pieces and applying weighted velocities to them to create peaks that are more pronounced in the center.

Biro on 12" white paper.
Drawn by Stephen the Pen Robot. Programmed by Dave.

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Hyper-kinetic.001 will be on till 7ht August.  The works are open to the public,  no need to book ahead. 

For sales and enquiries please email

Curated by Phillip Jones

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