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21st June to 7th August 2022

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My current body of work is based on time slowing down these past 2 years and creative input coming from places closer to home: the local ditch, the abandoned farm garden down the road, the village allotment next-door and the old woodland by the roundabout.

Coming to terms with a new way of living and the emotional rollercoaster attached to daily changing restrictions resulted in a new way of creating and looking. This work reflects the liveliness in the stillness found sitting on the ground being surrounded by itching nettles, flying and crawling insects, new blossoms and dying weeds sweeping past in a gust of wind and seasons rearranging the setting and sittings. Environments close to my home in the Oxfordshire countryside, brimming with life when looking close up end up expressed in sketchbooks, small boards and on large canvases, translating sounds, colour pops, growth, the weather and feel of the place with paint into visual experiences.



I am an expressive contemporary oil painter living and working in Kelmscott by the Thames. I was born in 1979 in Germany and after my degree in Sports Marketing travelled extensively through my work in Motorsport Marketing before moving to the UK, where I now happily live and work with paint.

I am interested in sharing my observations of my immediate surrounds and perceptions of the senses through the medium of colour, gesture and paint.

My paintings contain a sense of nature and of florals but are not depicting a specific flower or element in nature. While the observations and subsequent expressive marks are very personal, I entice the viewer along to visually explore, to find themselves engaged and identify with the painting on a personal level.The paintings don't just paint themselves in an obvious way but I work and wrestle, sometimes dance with them it feels. The narrative is in the paint itself and laid bare by way of application. I hope they are accessible to all, not complicated but bringing the viewer a reaction that involves vision, touch and smell.

This intimate chat between me and my paintings leads to engaging multifaceted works that are fresh and very personal.

You are invited to join the chat!

My cherished studio is at the old Calf Pens at Friars Court in Clanfield OX18 2SU




Facebook @studioschaumloeffel

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