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My work is evidence of a desire to look beyond the obvious. 

Inherent is a drive to uncover the Truth of what is and what was.  Whether working with moving-image, woodcut, acrylic, collage, charcoal, pastel, oil or decal, works speak at once of peeling back layers to reveal what lies beneath.  

Literal movement and sense of transition is often encountered within my work.      Line is ever present as is a love of colour as an expression of hope.  Surreal composites and an evolving lexicon of characters combine with a playfulness of composition to create a narrative of personal reflection. 

The intention being that whatever the subject or medium, colour or monochrome, each image should convey an assemblage of meaning beyond the simplicity of the scene. 

I began my Fine Art studies at Wimbledon College of Arts reading MFA Fine Art. I am a mentor with Koestler Trust and in 2019 founded artist-collective Portable. I work between studios in Oxford and South Bermondsey.

The fundamental nature of my enquiry lies within the question “who are we and why?”